How To Make Homemade Thanksgiving Cards

Homemade Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving marks the perfect opportunity to celebrate a get together with friends and family. The first hint of fall sounds the arrival of Thanksgiving and families start gearing up for the festivities. And if you are willing to make this occasion even more special, add your personal touch and creativity to make some awesome homemade Thanksgiving cards.

Homemade Thanksgiving Cards

Generally, cards are not sent out for this occasion, but, if you are planning to surprise your guests with some amazing cards, they would certainly love this wonderful gesture.

Although, e-cards or text messages have taken up the place once solely occupied by physical cards, even today, people are happy to get cards. It becomes especially important when it is a handmade one, conveying feelings and emotions for the recipient. So, this Thanksgiving, impress your guests with some beautiful homemade Thanksgiving cards. Have a look at the following ideas for making homemade Thanksgiving cards.

Make Arrangements For The Supplies

Before making a homemade Thanksgiving card, it is very important that you have the necessary items handy. First of all choose cardstocks in vibrant colours. You can make use of red, orange, gold, brown, yellow or olive green to create the feel of the fall season. You’ll also need some basic craft items like scissors, glues, tapes, colour pencils, sketch pens, glitters, sparkles, decorative ribbons and sequins. Make arrangements for stamps or embellishments that would be used for making the Thanksgiving cards attractive.


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Work On A Designing Theme Or Concept

A simple way of making attractive homemade Thanksgiving cards is to cut out pumpkin or fall leaf shapes. The pumpkin shaped cards can be easily made with orange card stock paper. Cut out a round shape and fold the card into half for making your pumpkin card. Attach a green stem at the centre of the card and make it look like a real pumpkin.

Decorate it with glitters and paste stylish lace along the edges of the card. The fall leaves consist of another interesting option. Make cards shaped like these leaves and write an interesting note with calligraphic fonts. However, if you are unable to make these cards, choose pumpkin, corn, turkey, fall leaf, cornucopia and pilgrim hat stamps for your cards. These symbols can be easily stamped on the card and you can prepare beautiful Thanksgiving cards in quick time. Silk flowers, buttons and colourful ribbons can also be used for embellishing the cards.

Designing Theme

Use A Computer Template

If you are net-savvy, it is best to download a template for designing the Thanksgiving cards. Different types of designs, formats and writing styles can be chosen from the template and used for making amazing cards at home. These are generally free and you can get hold of great designs without shelling out a lot of money.

Use A Computer Template

Choose The Right Words

It is very important to word your card correctly. Since it is meant to convey feelings, you need to add appropriate words to the Thanksgiving card. You can either take it from the internet or write some simple heartfelt words that will make your card special.

Choose The Right Words