How To Make Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Party Favors

Organizing a Halloween bash at home is not enough. You also need to plan for some party favors. Let your guests take home favors that will remind them of the awesome party that you are throwing. However, offering Halloween party favors does not essentially mean that you will have to offer expensive items.

Halloween Party Favors

The purpose can be easily served with different types of handmade party favors. Take some time out before the party and assemble a few things with simple craft items. You can also take help from kids and engage them in easy to make Halloween favors.

The quintessential items associated with Halloween must be kept in mind while creating the party favors. Read on to find out how you can make Halloween party favors for your guests.

How To Make Halloween Party Favors

Ghost Lollipops

Buy some lollipops from the market and make ghosts from it. It is an extremely easy task and you can easily ask kids to help you with this. Cut out a few small pieces of felt. Drape it from the top of each lollypop and secure it on the lollypop stick with the help of a black ribbon.

You can also add eyes and nose to the piece of felt and give it a scary appearance. This would be a perfect Halloween party favor for the kids and they’ll love to take home such attractive souvenirs.

Ghost Lollipops Party Favors

Spooky Cookies

Halloween is all about being spooky and if you take this opportunity to create some cookies in various spooky shapes, it can be used as wonderful favors. Use cookie cutters to make witch, spider, pumpkin, bat and ghost cookies.

Decorate them with icing sugar and make eyes and noses with black candy. Pack these cookies in special Halloween themed pouches and offer your guests an awesome treat. You can make pouches with tissue paper and then colour it in black or orange. Decorate it with Halloween stickers for making them attractive and appealing.

Spooky Cookies Party Favors

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Temporary Tattoos

It is a good idea to include a temporary tattoo counter at the party venue. Guests who are interested in getting gothic characters inscribed on their skin can go for these tattoos. You can also get some sticker tattoos for the children and your guests would certainly appreciate this one of a kind Halloween favor from you.

Temporary Tattoos Party Favors

Painted T-Shirts

Get hold of plain t-shirts and paint them with various themes associated with Halloween. Refer to websites offering easy access to t-shirt designs. This would not only make your task easier, it will also add the professional touch to your designs. Fabric paints are perfect for painting various motifs like pumpkins, bats, spiders or a grave.

You can also write spooky messages like Halloween ghosts or Ghost hunters on the t-shirts. However, if you find this task to be cumbersome, involve your guests in t-shirt painting as part of your party activities and let them enjoy their own creation when they take home the t-shirts as party favors.

Therefore, tickle your creative bone and create awesome party favors for Halloween.

Painted T-Shirts Party Favors