How To Make Favors For A Fourth Of July Picnic

How To Make Favors For A Fourth Of July Picnic 4th of July marks the day, when the Declaration of Independence was brought to action and America got its Independence. People all over the United States of America celebrate the day by watching the parade, hosting picnics, barbeques, going on short trips, etc. For the next 4th of July, hit two targets in one shot. Confused?

Well, firstly, as it’s 4th of July, you should be paying respect to the country and be a proud American. Nothing unusual, you do that every year. Well this year kick it up a notch. You have that 4th of July backyard picnic right, with all the family, friends and neighbors? This year give away favors to the ones attending your party.

The favors may be made in the colors of America, to complete the occasion. So, in one go, you are thanking the guests for coming to your picnic and also making a strong gesture of independence. So, what is favor? Well, a favor is a gift, trinket, or whatever you may say, which is given to the attendants of a party or picnic, to say thanks. So, let’s get started with the preparations.

Some Things You Need To Know:

Firstly, you need to know what you want to give away to the guests. Pretty easy; think to make something, which might not be too much of a hassle to carry for the picnic goers. If they can carry the gifts, that will serve both in not destroying the site and also remembering how good the picnic was.

Secondly, you should also know where the stuff would be available, to make the favors. Small gifts and stuffs may also be available at the local store to buy, but making them on your own is best.

Thirdly, decide if you want to give away edibles or not. Edibles here doesn’t mean the dishes served in the picnic, but something small, something, which may be given as a favor.

Fourthly, you should know how many people will be attending your picnic. If you’re preparing an open picnic, the number of giveaways/favors will have to be huge. If however, the number is limited to family, friends and neighbors, then you have a rough idea of how many favors are needed. Now that all the ‘management’ preparations are done, let’s start with the real work.

Uncle Sam Hat:

What better to start of the picnic than everyone pouring in from the gates, in Uncle Sam Hats? One classy and popular selection in many parties and picnics, this may be very easy to build too. Cut down cardboards/toilet paper roll, of about 1 ft in height, and staple the two ends together, so that this forms the hat’s main body. Then cut papers in circles of 3 inch diameter and cover one end of the main body.

Now cut down another circular sheet of paper, like the first one, except make it a little larger. Then stick this one to the open end, and cut a hole in this one so that the outsides of the paper make the rim of the hat. Now all you have to do is cover the main body appropriately, in a white paper and color the hat according to the US flag. Your Uncle Sam flag is ready.

Jester’s Hat:

This one’s another interesting one. The preparation of this is a little like the Uncle Sam hat, except the main body is half the size in height as that of the prior one. Now don’t cover the two open ends. Instead cut pages horizontally so that you can fold it to form a triangle. Now stick 4 of the triangles to the upper-inner sides of the yet-to-be hats, one following another.

How To Make Favors For A Fourth Of July Picnic

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After that is done, fold one square of paper at two opposite tips, so that the body is one bar and the ends of triangles. Now stick this and another one in the two gaps left by the previous triangles, with the triangle ends, bent downwards.  You may add bells to these ends for perfection.

Mugs And Cups:

When you’re using paper/plastic mugs or cups, there are simple add-ons which can be added with these. Cut ribbons, red and blue, and tie them on the cups and mugs, to give a patriotic feel. You can tie with the ribbons, flowers, or such, on the cup handles.

Firecracker Party Favor:

Take up seven chalks and bind them with an elastic band. Now attach three ribbons (be creative and have different colored ribbons) one each on the lower, middle and upper part of the ‘chalk formation’, with the help of Hot glue. From the 4th of July garland cut some strands. Now put these strands in the tiny holes those are formed by the chalks. Now make a small bow, from red, white and blue arrangement and tie it on the middle of the formation.

4th Of July Flowers:

Use water colors to make hazy formations on a circular piece of paper, with the three color (Red, white and blue). Now cut strips on the edges of the paper, without touching/ cutting the centre of the paper. Now poke a strong stick (stem) at the centre of the formation and twist the stripped edges of the formation, to form flowers.


This is very simple. Cut out small rectangular strips of paper and color them like the US flag. Now get a collection of ice-cream sticks, and paste one at the very edge of the formation, to form the US flag.

Some other favors that you can make and giveaway are cupcakes with toppings (the toppings may be of the colors red, white and blue), Ribbons (make small ribbon formations, with the three colors and giveaway to guests), photos (giveaway photos ranging from natural wonders of the country to presidents), etc.

If you have a scarcity of time and don’t want to waste much time in making the favors, you can always get some small giveaways at the local stores, for favors. But then there’s no personal touch in celebrating the freedom. Some of the favors that you may buy and give as favors are plastic/ hard-paper cups, chocolates (in the three colors), candies, flags, etc.