How To Make Father’s Day Cards

How To Make Father's Day Cards

Giving your dad and granddad homemade Father’s Day cards instead of store-bought ones, is a nice and more sentimental way to show how much you love them, and to reveal your appreciation for all that your dad and granddad have done for you and are still doing. If you are married, you can also gift your father-in-law one of these cards. There are a plethora of creative and fun ideas you can use to create the sweetest Father’s Day cards ever. Here are some simple instructions, tips and creative ideas to show you how to make Father’s Day cards.

Ideas For Making Father’s Day Cards

Hand Painted Father’s Day Cards

Hand Painted Father’s Day Cards

Hand painted cards are not only a treat for the eyes but since they require a bit of effort they are an awesome option if you want to show your folks that you have spent time and thought over your cards. Here’s how you can make these thoughtful cards for the fatherly men in your life. If you are making the same kind of card for more than one person, it is best to do them simultaneously to save time.

Take a sheet of thick watercolor paper and fold it in half to form a basic card base. The next thing you have to do is draw out the contours of the design or illustration that you want on the front of the card using a pencil. Simple designs like nature themed designs or abstract designs are suitable for Father’s Day cards.

Paint your cards with light colored watercolor paints using plenty of water and very small amounts of pigment. Once the paint is dry, you can write out a message and a poem inside the card in your best handwriting.

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Making Father’s Day Cards Using Rubber Stamps

Making Father’s Day Cards Using Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamping is a lot of fun and can be used to make Father’s Day cards in the easiest way possible. You can use store-bought rubber stamps, which are easily obtainable from online stores and craft stores, or you can make your own using erasers and an Exacto knife or penknife (children will have to ask an adult to do the eraser-carving). You will also need to purchase a stamp pad (these come in different colors so you have plenty of choice).

Just make sure that the stamps you use go with the Father’s Day theme. Make a basic card using cardstock and then write out a short message in the lower right hand corner on the card-front. Now it’s time to get stamping! Press the stamp firmly into the pad and then try it out on a rough sheet of paper first before trying it out on the card.

Try to stamp out your designs randomly and space them out, so that they cover most of the card without overlapping each other and without forming an exact pattern. If you want to do something extra to your Father’s Day card, you can add a bit of glitter to brighten things up. Simply use a glitter pen to outline the margins of the stamped designs (not the details).

If you do not have glitter pens or want to have a light spattering of glitter all over your card, you can add a coat of watery glitter paint or you can mix some glitter powder with glue and a bit of water and apply a single coat of this mixture over the areas you wish to highlight on your card. When the ink and glitter are dry, you can proceed to writing out a few cute quotes or a thoughtful message inside your card.