How To Make A Police Halloween Costume

Halloween parties involve a lot of fun and frolic. If you want to add a new dimension to the party, dress up like a policeman and keep the guests on their toes.

Police Halloween Costume

A little questioning and harassing is all part of the game and this can even make your party enjoyable. So, whether it is for an adult or a child, you can think of making a police Halloween costume and be the centre of attraction.

The police costume can be easily made with a few things that are available at home. It is also a cheaper option and would provide you a lot of scope to experiment with the dress and accessories.

Therefore, if you make a police Halloween costume at home, it will also bring forth your creativity and innovative style. Read on to find out how you can make the police Halloween costume.

How To Make A Police Halloween Costume 

Collect Necessary Clothing

For putting together the perfect look of a policeman, you need to have the right kind of clothing. You can choose black or navy blue pants and match them with white formal shirts. Alternatively, you can also pair it with black shirts. Girls can try out knee length formal skirts in the same shade and opt for button down black or white shirts.

Make sure that you are not keeping the shirt ends loose and it must be tucked neatly inside your pants. However, if you want to imbibe the slightly unruly flavour of Halloween, it is best to dress up as a zombie policeman. For this, you don’t have to be neat and clean. Mess up your outfit with some dust and you can even opt for tattered pants.

Wear a cowboy hat if you want to give a new twist to your appearance. You can also dress up as a forest ranger and choose slightly different uniforms which can be easily obtained from second hand stores. With a few modifications, these can turn out to be perfect Halloween costumes.

Collect Necessary Clothing

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Perfect Accessories

The Hallow4een costume is often accentuated with the kind of accessories that you use. So, for a cop, you need to have stylish sunglasses, a name plate and a badge that looks similar to the ones used by the real police.

These accessories can be easily purchased from the local craft store or a second hand retailer. A pair of handcuffs, fake gun, a stick and a hat consists of some of the other accessories that you’ll need to complete the look. Moreover, if you want to add creativity to your costume, think of creating your own nameplate and badges at home.

These can be easily done with a few cardboard sheets. Cut it in the shape of small rectangles and paint it with colour. Write your name in bold letters and if you are making the badges, take references from pictures available on the internet.

Therefore, be prepared to rock the Halloween party with your own police costume and leave the guests awestruck with your creativity and innovative ideas.

Perfect Accessories