3 How To Make A Mermaid Halloween Costume

The half fish-half woman mermaids have become famous with stories and the growing fascination for these mythical characters has often led to the designing of mermaid costumes for adults and children. In fact, this theme is very popular amongst young girls and during Halloween, many girls love to dress up as little mermaids. But, are you confused about making a mermaid Halloween costume? Here is how you can make a mermaid Halloween costume and turn heads.

How To Make A Mermaid Halloween Costume

How To Make A Mermaid Halloween Costume 

Choose Your Mermaid Character

There have been many mermaid characters portrayed in books, shows and movies. So, before choosing your costume, it is important to select your favourite mermaid character. The most common ones that you can replicate consist of Princess Ariel and Barbie in a Mermaid Tale.

Generally, the mermaid costumes can be easily made with a little bit of innovation and creativity. Therefore, without investing in expensive Halloween costumes, it would be best to make your own mermaid dress.

Choose Your Mermaid Character

Making Of The Mermaid Costume

For making the mermaid costume, you have to choose two pieces of clothing. The upper body should be covered with either a bikini or a tank top and for the lower body you can wear a tight fitting long skirt. It is best to choose a shimmering top for the mermaid body. Select nude or light colours that are close to your skin tone.

If the fabric does not have a sparkling effect, attach some sequins or glitters on it. Cut out coloured papers in the shape of fish scales and paste it on your skirt. This should resemble the scaly body of a fish and therefore, effort must be taken to decorate it. Once you are done with the decorations, concentrate on the mermaid’s tail.

Making Of The Mermaid Costume

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The tail can be easily made from felt. Draw an equilateral triangle on it and fold it into half. Cut the triangle along the line where you’ve folded it. This will give you two equal pieces of triangles that have to be carefully glued to the lower end of the skirt. Align it to the skirt’s base and join it to form a tail. Colour or add glitters to the tail.

Accessories For The Mermaid Costume

Since you are preparing the mermaid costume for Halloween you have plenty of options to experiment with. To give your costume a feel of a sea creature, try adding shells to your dress. These can be glued to your top and skirt. Similarly, make some sea weeds with paper and let it hang from your body.

The sea weeds would give you the slightly scary look that is often desirable for a Halloween party. Red or pink wigs are just perfect with this kind of a costume and you can choose a dark coloured wig to complete your mermaid look. Apart from these, wear pearl sets or seashell jewellery and a tiara. A fish shaped handbag would be the perfect accessory for complementing your look. So, with a little care and effort you can easily create a stunning Halloween mermaid costume.

Accessories for the Mermaid Costume

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