How To Make A Flower Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a birthday. They indeed have a lot of importance and are a major part of this occasion. Whether the birthday celebration is small or big, a birthday cake is a must. The cake could be ordered or prepared at home.

There are a lot of simple cake-making recipes which ensure that even an amateur baker could follow. One simple but stunning birthday cake theme could be a flower incorporated one. Flowers are extremely pretty and would in fact look gorgeous on a birthday cake. Here are some ideas which have incorporated this theme.

Flower Birthday Cake Ideas

Buy A Flower Shaped Mold

The easiest way to make a flower birthday cake is to bake one in a flower shaped mold. A flower mold is not that tough to come across and could be easily acquired from shops that sell baking equipment.

Flower Shaped cake

Once the cake is baked one could chose to leave it as it is or ice it with a simple butter icing. Some molds are elaborately decorated such that the cake could be left un-iced while others require a light coat of icing.

A Flower Basket With Marzipan Flowers

A basket of flowers is a very picturesque scene. A birthday cake which represents one would fit the flower theme perfectly. This complex cake is in reality pretty easy when it comes to preparation.

Flower Basket With Marzipan Flowers

All one needs to do is bake a cake in a round or a square mold and then cut it in the shape of a basket. Once iced, the basket would look realistic. The flowers could be made of marzipan and have a range of colors.

A Cake Decorated With Fondant Flowers

Much like marzipan, fondant is a substance that can be easily shaped. There are a variety of flower molds that are sold in the market for the sole purpose of decoration.

Cake Decorated With Fondant Flowers

Fondant flowers could be made with the help of these molds. Fondant is a gorgeous substance and gives the cake a stunning effect. Flowers make with fondant would look absolutely gorgeous.

A Circular Cake Covered In Fudge Icing And Decorated With Chocolate Flowers

One could keep things simple by baking a circular cake and then icing it with chocolate fudge. Keeping the flower theme in mind, one could create chocolate flowers. Chocolate flowers are very easy to prepare. A mold could be used or a leaf could also be used.

A Circular Cake Covered In Fudge Icing And Decorated With Chocolate Flowers

The leaf would be an affordable and effective way to create beautiful flowers. One should however keep the contrast element in mind. If chocolate fudge is being used, then the flowers should be done in while chocolate and vice versa.

Butter Cream Roses

Butter cream is prepared with white butter and icing sugar. The icing sugar helps thicken the butter and give it a firm texture. Once prepared, the butter cream could be placed in icing bags.

Butter Cream Roses

With the correct nozzle, the petal nozzle, the roses would come out beautifully. Butter cream is a wonderful substance and tastes heavenly. The roses would thus both look and taste perfect.