How To Make A Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It is only natural to be flooded with nostalgia and gratefulness when one contemplates just how much our Dads have done for us and their central role in our lives.

How To Make A Father's Day Card

What better way to show how much you love and respect your Father than to make a card especially for him.

Tips To Make A Father’s Day Card

3D Card

Start off by holding a coloured paper sheet measuring around (8 ½ by eleven inches) with the shorter side facing down. Use your nails for tightly folding it midway along the crease.

With the assistance of a ruler placed on the fold one then makes a small mark in the central point of the folded line with a pen/pencil. After measuring 1” to the right side of this central spot use the rule for drawing an upright two inches line perpendicular to the fold.

Do the same steps on the left side as well and make a slit on both sides. One would essentially be left with duo two inches incisions at the upper end of the paper. The paper is now opened up. Use fingertips to pinch and pull out the flap of paper between the slits while you fold the paper into half.

One is left with a C-shaped paper with its upper half concealing the folded cube within. Now, as you open up the paper, you will notice the 3D effect. Closing the paper would yield a flattened square block that faces you and would be popping up once the card is opened.

Tips To Make A Father's Day Card

Another similarly sized paper of a different colour is then pasted onto the other side of the first paper which would essentially constitute the outer surface of your card.

Exploit your creativity for drawing something endearing for the pop up. Use scissors for cutting out the image or a kin photograph which must be glued on the protruding block. Ideally, ensure making it higher as compared to the cube (approximately two inches width & three inches height).

Some adhesive is applied merely on the block section for sticking the image on the card and then folded shut whilst ensuring that the pop-up is lying flattened. The drawing would be popping up, shadowing most of block once you open the card.

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Use multicoloured pens for penning down your special message on the face of the card with some touching notes inside it for Daddy Dearest. Use pastel colours, glitter particles or colour pencils for decorating and colouring the card.

Twister Card

Add a special twist to your Father’s Day card by adding portraits which swirl on a thread. You can select your most appealing snaps and stick them back-to-back or merely a single one with the other side covered with multihued paper.

We need to firstly use scissors for cutting a vibrantly coloured paper to around twelve inches wide and seven inches high. With a ruler the width is divided equally into 3 sections which will be used as guidance for folding the paper at these points.

When the paper is unfolded you will notice three equal rectangular sections. The left section is then folded over lengthways in the middle. These would be forming the frontal portion of the card. We continue to also fold the middle section into half by folding it lengthways.

With a pencil a semicircle or half cube is drawn over the outermost flap that faces you. Now, cut through all the folded sheets making sure that you leave a little gap outside the drawn pencil line. The selected snap and the cut out circles or squares are trimmed to the same size.

One cutout is glued underneath the picture while a thread is glued amid the snap and the other piece of circle/square cutout or photograph. The thread is then placed in the longitudinal crease of the mid section and the picture is positioned in the circular gap.

The left section is glued to the middle one which essentially traps the thread within. Ensure that the thread is trimmed too. Now, what’s left is penning down a touching message on the inner cover of the card.

Useful Advice

Reflect back on special occasions which just your Dad and you shared together and try retrieving pictures of them. While putting thoughts on paper for your father always note them down on a separate sheet of paper prior to putting them on the card. Also, avoid fitting a lot of words or lettering on a solo sheet since they would appear too cramped up.

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