How To Host A Memorable House Party

How To Host A Memorable House Party Is there a party in store at your place? No need to be on tenterhooks. Taking care of the enlisted minutest details regarding hosting and managing the party will ensure your name to be in the good books of your social circle.

How To Host A Memorable House Party

Listing Of The Guests

Before making a list of the invitees, analyse your hosting capacity keeping in mind, the space of the venue and to what extent you can manage your guests without compromising your hospitality. Avoid inviting people who are at loggerheads with each other. They can completely obliterate the cool atmosphere of the party.

When And How To Invite

Informing about the party 2-3 weeks in advance gives sufficient time to the invitee to adjust his other obligations. Besides making a polite call make an extra effort of messaging complete details of the location of your venue and timings of the party. It is not rude to mention the timing, instead it is valuing the time of others as well as one self’s. Do not forget to refer other members of the family if you wish to invite them also.

Arrangement Of Food

Preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food separately is idealistic. If any guest is suffering from some health complication like diabetes etc., take extra care to prepare appropriate meal for him. Many people avoid oily foods so  better arrange for some baked or roasted appetizers, besides the regular variety. Preparing less spicy food for children is also advisable for thwarting wastage. Arrange the meal in an artistic buffet manner.

Arrangement Of Seating And Music

Arrange the furniture in such a way that it does not allow the guests to form separate groups. The fun zone for the children should be separate, if possible, equipped with options of entertainment such as magnetic dart game, lotto house etc. In this way, the kids can enjoy with least botheration to adults. Parties rock with music but it should be light and melodies so that it does not obstruct the interaction.

Arrangement Of Surprise Element Of Party

Any game such as rapid fire questions round to gauge the compatibility of couples or any other interesting and involving game can become a hit factor of your party, so make prior arrangements if needed. Also don’t forget to pack small return gifts for your little guests too.

Managing The Party

Always welcome your guests yourself whole heartedly. It is your duty to introduce your guests to others. Try to introduce by mentioning some common factor like  “hey! They are Sharon and Neeraj. Their children also go to the same school as your children.” Such kind of introduction of any new person helps him to gel with rest of the group.

While serving drinks and appetizers, take care of each guest personally. Assign this duty of serving to one of your close friend also who can handle during your absence for few moments. If some guest has brought some cake, chocolates, sweets etc. for you please don’t refrigerate it, instead remember to serve it along other eatables. Lastly, while bidding good bye thank each one of the guests for sparing their precious time.