How To Find The Perfect 1st Anniversary Gift For Him

How To Find The Perfect 1st Anniversary Gift For Him

First of all, congratulation; on having completed one year of marriage. Considering that the year has passed well enough, you must be happy to be with the man of your dreams! As with every couple, the first anniversary of a marriage is very special to both. But may be that, in all the happiness and excitement, on completing one year, you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for him, or wondering just the exact thing now; what to present him with.

For women, there are hundreds and thousands of gifts available ranging from pendants to necklaces, from footwear to tops. But to find a perfect gift for a man is a search, only Google can perform faster! Anyway, if you’re searching for something that’s close to his heart and may also symbolize your love for him; that zeroes down to something, but still it is a hard task. So read on to find out if we can help you to find the gift that he’ll love.

1. The First Big Gift

Your first gift signifies what you’ve learnt about him, in this one year and if the love for him, in you still flames brightly. So with the anniversary card, you’ve got to throw in somewhat of a personal touch. If your husband yearns for something in particular or is inclined on one single genre of stuff (for example books, astronomy, etc.), in particular, see if you can give him the stuff. First, organize your mind and weigh all the things that he told you he desires. Choose one that is in your budget (yes, it counts!), and you personally think would be best for him, and buy the stuff. Some pointers for the different kind of likings are given below:

The First Big Gift

2. Booklovers

Tradition bears that, first-year anniversary should be of paper. So if your spouse is a book worm, and loves to spend an evening engulfed in the books, then you know what will be best. If you know his taste, the kind of (genre) literary stuff he likes to read, go to a bookstore and browse for the bestsellers. If possible, and of course if the purse needed is with you, then you may also buy a book (or take one of the books already owned) of his favorite author and get it signed from the author himself.


3. Accessories Lover

If your husband’s one who loves to wear accessories or male jewelry stuff or other fancy show piece, finding such a gift might be comparatively easier. You may go to the nearest jewelry store, a few days in advance of the anniversary, and order a bracelet or cufflinks. The best thing about these is that, you can make them in your personal design. For example, throw in, a heart-shaped design with your name on it; or with both of your initials interweaving, etc.

Accessories Lover

4. A Man Of Arts

If your man loves art, you know like drama, dance, ballet, opera etc. Organize a short day lineup of events starting from a movie screening or fashion show, to an opera and at the end, dining in a ‘happening’ and posh restaurant.

 A Man Of Arts


5. Automobile Crazy

If your husband goes crazy over auto mobiles, there’s a vast range of things to choose from. If you have a suitcase for a purse, you may as well gift him a Harley Davidson or something close. Whereas the ones with a moderate purse size can vouch for, car/ bike accessories like, car music player from Sony or Kenwood, or a GPS car navigation system, etc.

Automobile Crazy

6. Gizmo Freak  

There’s no need in telling that boys love technology, ‘cause that would be repeating what nature’s written in stone. If your husband is a gizmo-freak, and if your budget permits the buy, go to an E-mall (where various electronic goods are available under one roof), and browse. Your husband may not have a Smart phone or I-phone; if you want him to have one, get one. If he loves to click snapshots, you may also get him a digital or better camera.

These are some of the gifts, which are at your disposal, for gifting him, if you have a small to high budget. There are others like, gifting him a ticket for the next, or that days hockey or football match; love letter; Clocks, etc. However, there’s nothing, I repeat nothing, better than a hand-made gift. It may be a special dish, a crooked hand made gift, etc. Let’s start with some of the things you may make and gift him.

Gizmo Freak

7. Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook with all the special photos of him, you and both of you. Make the scrapbook in such a way, so that it contains some of the littlest thing that changed your lives this year, special events and you may also include description the of small spats (if you had any).

Organize the events, photos and description starting and continuing, from the first day of your marriage. You may also, without making a scrapbook, make a newspaper made up, with the same ideas i.e. including the pictures, spats, events, etc. Your marriage day picture and news could be at the front page.


8. Paper Roses

With a bit of concentration (and a little skill), create paper roses with personalized messages from you to him. You may also wrap the roses in transparent plastic or red bows.

 Paper Roses

9. Picnic

Arrange an outside picnic, with paper cups, plates, napkins, etc. Plan the picnic; preferably, at a place where he likes to hang out or just goes to have a quiet and relaxed time.


10. Candle Light Dinner

This one’s a favorite of many; be it a date or anniversary. Arrange for a surprise candle light dinner in the house or, if the ocean or some other water body is near, at the shores. Preferably arrange a tent of white sheets and red ribbons, a small table for two, with roses in the middle, etc. As the whole preparation is near a water body, the waves shall be enough to bring cool and steady waves of wind, not too turbulent but enough to create a romantic mood.

1st year marriage anniversaries are truly one event every couple looks out for. One year of commitment and love, dedication and closeness. What better gift to gift him, except the things he likes most! However, one must remember that it’s the thought that counts. If you’re unable to buy a heavy present, go for a more personalized one, which has that human and personal touch.

Candle Light Dinner