How To Dress For A Wedding

How To Dress For A Wedding

It’s the bizzare occasion of wedding and each of us want to look our utmost best with the perfect wedding dress. This is one occasion where boys and girls and men and women try their level best to look most alluring and attractive and leave a long lasting impression.

How To Dress For A Wedding

Be it the Brides and the Grooms or the Bridessmaids and the others, all of them strive for a die hard look right from clothes to jewellery and other accessories. With the perfect ensemble, one wants to look better than the other and win the stares and attention of people around.

Be it the Brides and the Grooms or others around them, let us discover a lively yet unique look for each one of them.

Wedding Dresses For The Daytime


It’s the Brides day afterall! Brides have to look the most pretty of all and here is where the attention should lie. Brides have to make sure that they aren’t overdone and at the same time not also underdone for their big day. They have to look prettier if not sexier than the other girls present there on the big day.

For the daytime, Bridess can choose a full length white or ivory gown with pretty details in floral or just plain. Adore your neck with a delicate pearl white or diamond necklace on a white or ivory gown. For your hands, you can either wear elbow length satin white gloves or adore your delicate wrists with a pearl or diamond bracelet. You can tie your hair in a bun or leave your tresses open and let them fall over your shoulders and face.

Use hair accessories such as headbands and tiaras to take your look to a different level. Hair Colour is an option to make the look more stand out. Blush your face with the right make up according to your skin type and face cut. Accentuate your features with the right shade of foundation, blush, eye shadow and liner and lip colour. They can team up their look with a bouquet of light coloured flowers and a huge hat if the look allows.

For an Indian couture, Brides can choose a rich hued saree or ghagra choli with gold details and exclusive motifs. Indian boudoir is wide hence they have to correctly match the jewellery, make up and hair and the fun part with Indian attire is that Brides get a chance to experiment different looks and colours with its wide variety. Choose the perfect one for every aspect such as dress, shoes, jewellery, hair and make up. It all depends on the kind of outfit chosen, your make up and accessories have to match thereof for a unique ensemble.

Brides Dress For A Wedding Daytime


Bridesmaids can choose a knee length or a mini dress either matching or contrast to that of the Bridess dress colour. They can also go for similar or same pattern to that of the Bridess dress. Their accessories and make up can be a little loud to that of the Brides. High heels and trendy patterns and colours should be the pick of the Bridessmaids. They can make it more fun by wearing contrast coloured shoes down short dresses for a flirty look.

Bridesmaids Dress For A Wedding Daytime


Grooms is the focal point of attention with the Brides. The Grooms needs to look and flaunt his best to naturally compliment his Brides and create the magic for the big day. His look has to be carefree yet impressive to make that big day impact that will be cherished forever. Grooms can look hot with a linen or seersucker suit in white, off white or neutral shades.

Wear it without the tie for a more relaxed and casual look. You can opt for the white attire, all in white, right from your shirt, trouser, blazer and shoes. One can apply a little blush on the cheekbones for a fresh and natural look. Your hair style and colour depends on your face cut, skin tone and attire. Do not be afraid to look bold yet sexy and elegant with hot hair colours, funky bracelets and chains.

An Indian attire for the Grooms is always sizzling hot. Grooms can opt for a sherwani or patiala in gold or other hues. These give them a chance to experiment their looks with dark undertones and trends available in Indian wear. Mojaris are the hottest option to complete the ensemble with gold accessories and head turban.

Grooms Dress For A Wedding Daytime

Guest Men

Guest men can rock with a formal attire in trouser and shirt. A dark colour trouser with a light plain shirt or vice versa can make the look sexy and sizzling. Tuck in the shirt and wear it with a hot belt and matching pointed shoes for an attractive look. Be sure of the Bridesmaids falling for you when you wear that crisp shirt with a dark trouser. Keep accessories to the minimal.

The Indian attire for the guest men can be pretty simple yet alluring with dark denims and embroidered kurta in gold. Guest men could also opt for plain silk sherwani with bright accessories to pull the Bridessmaids with its unavoidable charm.

Guest Men Dress For A Wedding Daytime

Wedding Dresses For The Evening Time


Get fashionable with short or long dresses in bright and bold colours. Choose funky green, blood red and gum pinks for a center of attention look. Charm yourself with glittery and colourful jewellery. Team your look with heels as high as wearable in a sheer contrast to your outfit.

Low cut silk dresses are also an option for you to sizzle in the evening. Keep your make up shimmery but nudely done for that natural shine on your skin. Go for silver and gold eye do’s with natural pink and peach blushes with red hot lip colour. Rub a lot of shimmer on your nude areas to accentuate your best skin. Hair should preferably be tied for a bold look and left lose for a diva effect.

Indian look can be red and gold saree or gold and bronze ghagra choli with heavy jewellery and professionally done make up. Your hair depends upon your outfit, facial features and face cut. For the eveing wear, western outfit is usually preferable as it offers a wide variety and an apt look for the dark night. Yet, Indian look can rock if done correctly and if the Brides can carry it off in elegance.

Brides Wedding Dresses


Flirt with those charming and single guest men wearing colourful short skirts and sexy tops. Show off your area with tube tops and heavily done necklaces and tease the guest men with the cheesy look. Flush your cheeks with the matched blush and glossy lips to feel allured. High heels are compulsory!

For an Indian look, Bridesmaids could go for a full length skirt, top and jacket in gold embroidery and Indian cut. Keep make up and hair subtle for your dress to stand apart. Also, salwaar kameez and saree is a good option to show off your curves. Depending upon your dress and body, choose your shoes and accessories correctly and compliment your look with the rightly done make up.

Bridesmaids Wedding Dresses


The best Grooms pick for the evening could be a retro suit in black and white or even a vibrant colour suit such as dark red. Experimenting with colours will not only create an impressive impact but create a bashful style statement too. Spike your hair with oodles of gel and create a daring look. Avoid accessories as much as possible. Your shoes can contrast the colour of your suit. Flaunt the look and discover your Brides adoring you more than ever!

Also Grooms can look dashing hot with long kurtas in gold with denims or chudidar kurta and sherwanis in heavy work. Grooms can show off his chest with V neck kurtas done in gold with heavy embroidery. Keep the look minimal with bare neck minus dupatta. Complete the ensemble with formal shoes or matching mojaris.

Grooms Wedding Dresses

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Guest Men

Pick a suit from the bygone era of the 60’s or flaunt a plain shirt over a dark pair of denims for a casual yet charming appeal. Pair it with bold shoes and keep your hair preferably the way they are with a few hand stokes to get the messy look. Be the charmer of the Bridessmaids!

Indian look for the guest men could be very casual with a plain suit in black or any other neutral shade or a pair of jeans with a casual yet elegant kurta. Guest men could go a little heavy on the accessory with gold chain and bracelet. Complete the ensemble with pair of formal shoes or nude or plain colour mojaris.

Guest Men Wedding Dresses

Tips For Brides And Bridesmaids

Keep in mind your body type and skin tone while choosing your outfit. Keep accessories very basic if you are wearing a heavy dress. Avoid carrying a clutch or a purse if its disturbing your look or you feel is a pain to carry it around. Choose comfortable shoes according to your body and dress type.

Don’t overdo make up and choose make up according to your skin type. Make your individual style statement and don’t just pick up something just because others are wearing it so. Your hair plays the vital role in your look. Pre decide your hair style and colour.

Tips For Brides And Bridesmaids

Tips For Grooms And Guestmen

Play around with colours. Remember men can carry off colours too. Try different hair do’s and styles. They work great. Choose suits and Indian wear according to your body type. Pick the right accessories. Focus more on bracelets. Shoes are the deciding factor. So just pay very attention to them.

Match it correctly with your attire and body type. Moreover, style is very individual. Look your best the way you desire your look to be. Bridess and Groomss, just pre decide your look together in advance for the special day to be even more special!

Tips For Grooms And Guestmen