How To Dress For A Masquerade Party

How To Dress For A Masquerade Party

So, you have an invitation for a Masquerade party and wondering what to wear! These masquerade parties are generally very gorgeous and very colourful. In these extravagant events participants wear costumes and use a mask. Unlike traditional masquerade balls where formal dancing is the main attraction today’s formal and semi- formal masquerade parties emphasize mainly on party atmosphere.

No doubt you want to look your best and you have a wardrobe full of beautiful dresses. But your costume needs to be formal yet beautiful so that it will suit the party’s theme and the ball. You can use masks, wigs and hats too. Here are some effective tips on dressing up which are sure to make your masquerade party experience more memorable.

How To Dress For A Masquerade Party

1. Masquerade Party Costumes

Masquerade Party Costumes

Choose your costume depending on the theme and location of the party. In most of the cases participants need to follow particular dress codes. But if there is no dress code mentioned in the invitation then it is better to go in a semi- formal dress. In formal masquerade parties men generally wear tuxedos and women wear masquerade dresses.

In semi- formal parties men may wear suits and women can dress up in fancy gowns. You can wear a gorgeous period dress or a long formal ball gown. But in semiformal parties three quarter or even short dresses are also welcome. But be sure that you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

2. Masquerade Party Masks

Both men and women have to hide themselves behind a mask. The participants must be unidentifiable with their fancy dress up and colourful masks. This mask can be a small one only covering your eyes or big colourful masks with feathers and glitters. A large variety of masks are available in the market including feather masks, venetian masks, fancy party masks, Mardi Gras masks etc. There are some masks that come with oversized noses and beaks.

Party Masks

Select the mask that goes well with your costume and makeup. Generally there are no limits or restrictions on the using of masks. Use your imagination and make a wonderful mask designed with feathers, glitters and gems. Or you can buy an extravagant mask.  If there is no instruction about masks in the invitation then choosing a small mask that only covers your eyes can prove to be wise decision. In small mask your mouth will remain uncovered and you will not face difficulties in eating and drinking during the party.

3. Other Accessories Of Masquerade Party

Using of hats, wigs, bandanas and other accessories are very common in masquerade parties. They give the final touch to your disguise. Women can use powdered wigs and men can use a hat. You may wear a colourful fancy wig with ribbons and bows. You can sew a cap or a hat on the top of the wig.


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4. Masquerade Party Makeup

Your makeup should complement your costume. You can try the sexy smoky look. It suits with everything and you will also look sophisticated.


Now, you have all the necessary information about how to dress up for a masquerade party. Use this knowledge and also use your creativity and imagination power to rock your masquerade ball.