How To Decorate The Mantle For Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for celebrating and joining in the festivities. The entire family looks forward to this special occasion and the celebrations begin with the decorations. Although, people look to decorate each and every part of the house, the decoration of the mantle plays a significant role in setting the mood for the occasion.

Decorate The Mantle For Christmas

Therefore, it is very important to decorate the mantle for Christmas.If you are running out of ideas, here are some tips that will help you to decorate the mantle for Christmas.

Floral Decorations For The Mantle

Decorate the mantle with some wonderful floral decorations for the festive season. Make garlands with fresh flowers and drape it around the mantle. You can also choose to create snow flake garlands with cotton balls or popcorn and use it for decorating the mantle. Different types of hanging decorations or Christmas ornaments can be attached to the garlands for making it even more attractive and eye-catching. Try to keep a fancy flower vase with some poinsettias or white flowers on the mantle. This will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room’s decor.

Floral Decorations

Decorate The Mantle With Christmas Cards

During Christmas, you must be receiving lots of cards from friends and family. And over the years, if you have kept all of that to remember the good times with relatives, it is a great idea to display those cards on the mantle. Use the old as well as new cards to decorate the mantle and let your guests know how you cherish the heartfelt wishes. You can either mix all the cards together or classify some cards as special and make them the centre of attraction.

Christmas Cards

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Keep Some Family Photographs

A great way of decorating the mantle can be executed by putting up a few family photographs. Get some of your favourite photos and frame it nicely before putting it up on the mantle and displaying it for Christmas. You can also add in a few holiday photographs. Moreover, you can make some holiday themed photo frames especially for this occasion and use it for decorating the mantle.

Family Photographs

Scented Candle Decorations

Scented candles are perfect for any occasion and if it is Christmas, your mantle must have a nice assortment of scented candles. Let the glowing candles fill the air with nice aromas, welcoming guests to a perfect Christmas party. You can display the candles in holiday themed candle holders for making them attractive and eye-catching.

Scented Candle Decorations

Formal Decorations For An Elegant Mantle

Sometimes classic homes are adorned with elegant mantles. And it becomes very important to dress up the mantle with formal decorations. You can begin by choosing a fancy mantle cloth, preferably in golden or silver colour. Fabrics such as silk and hem satin are perfect for the mantle cover. Line the mantle with sophisticated votive candles and place a lovely bouquet of flowers at the centre of the mantle. You can also add in a few crystal bowls for a charming and graceful look.

Formal Decorations