How To Decorate In Butterfly Wedding Themes

Butterfly Wedding Themes Weddings are forever. Make them special with a pristine theme with butterflies. Charming, elegant and feminine, butterflies make an ideal themed wedding for a spring or summer celebration. With beautiful stationary, accessories and magnificent table décor, butterfly wedding themes are the new in-things.

It will be loved by guests and relatives of all ages too! Be it a multi-color scheme or a mono-color scheme you can beautify your lavish wedding to the max and never have to worry about emptying your pockets completely. So, forget about all the late-night hassles and the last minute rush, choose from the lavish collection of butterflies and watch your perfect night turn out just that.

Decorate In Butterfly Wedding Themes

Vintage Wedding Invites

Share your excitements and magic with your guests by inviting theme with pretty springtime butterfly wedding printables, including matching Wedding Invites, Save-The-Dates, Response and Thank You card printables.

Vintage Wedding Invites

You can simply order it from any online store and download it later. Once you’ve done that simply print them and decorate it with dainty things like laces, flowers etc.

Hanging Décor and Centerpiece

Amaze your wedding guests by hanging different sized and colored lanterns with artificial butterflies cascading out of them.

In order to beautify them even more, add sparkle to them, beads and laces can be struck up with jewelry wire to give it that extra edge. As for the centerpiece, use a small tree branch and secure butterflies onto it, then attach it to the largest paper lantern.

Butterfly Bouquets

When you can use the beautiful flower bouquets, so why not have one with butterflies? It’s all about the statement. You can always opt for a beautiful bouquet from the stores, but real beauties are in the handmade ones.

Butterfly Bouquets

Use designer papers, silk or feathers to cut out butterflies of various shapes and origin and watch them all flutter in your hand as you look stunning.

Butterfly Floral Headpiece

Adorn your wedding hairstyle with a stylish and adorable vintage butterfly floral headpiece. Sewn hand cut organza butterflies make this piece of your perfect wedding getup even more astonishing. Paired with beautiful flowers of your favorite color or even transpired in multi-colors, it can make any man go weak on his knees.

Butterfly paper garland

These are dainty, easily available and beautifully decorative piece of your wedding that adds an extra bit of ‘oomph!’ to it. Use old vintage book paper and cut out circles measuring about 2 cm wide. Perform the same design using paper with wrinkled design this time.

Butterfly paper garland

Imprint each wrinkled paper cuttings with a butterfly ink stamp and then paste each one on vintage paper cuttings. Now, sew the paper cuttings together with a strong cotton cord and decorate it farther using laces and ribbons and hang them at different locations.

Butterfly and flower cake

Be generous; order a cake with 200 fondant roses and fluttering butterflies! As they say, wedding cakes are a show off what you are; always, always remember to please your guests.

Opt for a cake that goes with the color and theme of your wedding. Also you can always add a few more accessories yourself. Purchase laces and nylon strings to make it look like a perfect gift wrap of beauty and happiness!