3 How To Decorate A Wedding Reception

 How To Decorate A Wedding Reception

Decorating a wedding reception is almost as important as decorating the actual venue of the wedding ceremony. If you’re holding your reception in the same place, then it’s less of a hassle but you still need to make your guests feel comfortable. Need help decorating your wedding reception venue so that it looks simply fabulous on your big day? Here are some ideas and tips on how to decorate a wedding reception to help you create a dreamy romantic setting that is sure to make your wedding reception memorable.

Tips To Decorate A Wedding Reception

1. Decorate The Ceilings And Walls

If you want to transform your wedding reception venue into a place of magical and romantic charm, you shouldn’t neglect decorating all the walls and ceilings. While decorating for a wedding reception, it is best to avoid excessive decorations for ceilings but focus more on proper lighting so your guests can eat and look around in comfort.

You can string up some rope lights across the ceiling or simply put up a decorative wedding orb (one that’s lit) or a chandelier. These decorative lights will ensure that the wedding reception venue is pleasantly lit and at the same time maintain a lovely romantic ambiance.

 Decorate The Ceilings And Walls

The walls of the wedding reception will need a lot more decorations to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire reception venue. Use tissue wreaths or wind up strips of tulle into delicate wreaths and adorn them with small fake flowers or ornaments to create simple but lovely decorations for a wedding reception.

Place these wreaths at intervals across all the walls at the height of six feet (from the ground). Next, you can also take small faux flowers, tie them into little bouquets with satin ribbons or bits of tulle and affix these pretty little decorations to the walls at even intervals. You can also take small balloons (that match with the color scheme), blow them up and paint the bridal couple’s initials on them, tie them up with a bit of ribbon and tape them at the wall corners, or you can even use these bunches of balloons instead of wreaths across all the walls to create a truly fun and sweet atmosphere.

Complete the wall decorating process by hanging some rope lights in lieu of curtains for the windows for a really sparkly and festive look. You can also use these rope lights to decorate all the walls quickly and easily by simply stringing them from ceiling to floor. Use colored rope lights that go with the theme for best results.

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2. Decorate The Tables And Chairs

Let’s face it, while the bride and bridegroom may be in the limelight during the wedding ceremony, the fatigued and famished guests will be sure to pay more attention to the tables and chairs during the wedding reception. So this is really the most important part of the decoration process for a wedding reception.

After all, your guests come to give you their gifts and best wishes on your special day so you ought to give them something in return by ensuring they are comfortable and happy throughout. First of all cover all your chairs with slip covers and the tables with tablecloths. Your wedding reception linen can be plain white (yes, you can use white even for a themed wedding) or can match with the color scheme.

 Decorate The Tables And Chairs

You can also make your linen look really festive and beautiful by adding tulle table skirts and chair skirts to go over the fabric. This is an excellent idea especially if you are using more than one color to decorate a wedding reception.  Want to add an extra decorative touch to your wedding reception linen? Sew or pin some tiny fake flowers or pom-poms to the tulle skirts and you will have really gorgeous looking tables and chairs.

Supplement this charming dining set up for a wedding reception by using beautiful centerpieces that are sure to make a favorable impression on the guests and also add extra aesthetic appeal to the wedding reception venue.

You can use pretty table centerpieces like real or faux candles mounted on ornate silver (works well for white and black linen) or wrought iron candle stands (goes with all colors), vases filled with gorgeous flowers that go with the color scheme, or framed photographs of the bridal couple.

You can also decorate a wedding reception using really unique or unusual table centerpieces. For instance, you could fill a couple of glass vases (which vary in length) with small fruits, flowers or ornaments and then wrap some tulle around the vases to create lovely centerpieces for a wedding reception.

After you’ve arranged all the dinner ware and silver ware, you should also add nice place cards at each plate with the name and seat number of each person clearly printed on each. It is also important to set up a card that denotes the table number so that the guests will find it easy to find their seats.

3. Decorate The Floors And Pillars

While decorating a wedding reception, it is also important that you don’t forget to hide the worn out or drab flooring at your wedding reception venue by decorating it. After all, you don’t want the bridal couple and the guests to wear out their shoes by walking on a hard and worn out floor. Lay down some lush carpeting in the dining area. Of course, you will need to make sure you leave the dancing space clear of all decorations and carpeting so your guests don’t trip up over any decor.

Pillars add a touch of ballroom elegance and class to a festive occasion so it’s a great idea to use some portable decorative pillars to decorate a wedding reception even if the venue already has pillars.  Some portable pillars come pre-decorated but you can always add your own little touches to make them look unique and lovely.

Decorate The Floors And Pillars

If you want to decorate a wedding reception with really dreamy and fairy themed decor, you can do so by wrapping rope lights and green vines (fake) all around each pillar (fixed and portable), or you can give your venue a touch of festive grandeur by wrapping strips of tulle all around the pillars and then wrapping satin ribbons over the tulle and using lengths of lacy material to form a sort of lacy banner between the pillars.

Pin small ornaments that go with the color scheme onto the tulle to complete the process of decorating for a wedding reception. You can place the portable pillars against the walls or you can use them to decorate the entrance of your wedding reception venue. If the venue also has a long driveway or walkway (and if it is permitted), you can take your wedding reception decor outdoors by using the rope light decorated portable pillars to line walkways or driveways.