How To Decorate A Room For Anniversary Day

How To Decorate A Room For Anniversary Day

An anniversary is an occasion which brings back the very best memories of your married life. It is also an occasion to celebrate the number of years a couple has been together, starting from the very first anniversary all the way to the 100th! However, the most commonly celebrated anniversaries are the 25th (silver), the 50th (golden) and 60th or 75th (diamond) wedding anniversaries. If you need help decorating for this special occasion you have come to the right place! Read on, to learn how to decorate a room for anniversary day.

Tips To Decorate A Room For Anniversary Day

1. Choosing A Color Scheme

The first thing you need to decide on before decorating is a color scheme. You can go by the traditional gifts for anniversaries to help you decide. Here are some examples. For a silver wedding you could choose a main color like pink for a delicately feminine atmosphere, yellow for a summery look or red for a truly romantic feel. Then use the selected color with silver and white, which will complement the main color beautifully.

 Choosing A Color Scheme

Going with a three color combination which includes white is an awesome idea. White is reminiscent of your wedding day and if you have white furniture, it will bring everything together to make a lovely room for an anniversary celebration. For a golden wedding anniversary, you can go with white, gold and a very pale pink or green, or you can go with a red and Tuscan gold color combination for a more luxurious look. For a diamond anniversary, use white as your main color for decoration, and add a few subtle accents in silver and gold.

2. Decorating The Room

You can either use store bought decorations or your own homemade decorations to decorate a room for anniversary day. Sites like eBay, Oriental Trading, Amazon, ShindigZ Party Supplies, Party wedding and Etsy, offer a number of gorgeous golden wedding anniversary for sale and at reasonable prices too. You can purchase items at these stores or make items to go with the color scheme selected and then proceed to decorating.

Let’s say you’ve selected red, white and silver (you can substitute your own colors) as your color scheme. Take two silver balloons, one white balloon and a smaller red heart shaped balloon, and secure them with white and gauzy silver ribbons. You can use two sets of these to hold up your banner. You can either make or buy a banner from sites like eBay or Amazon. To make a banner all you need is red and white cardstock folded and cut into hearts and triangles respectively, and silver dangling ornaments or a string of large silver beads. String these up in an alternating fashion, and you have a really nice banner on which to print your message. Similarly you can also make your own cake toppers, place cards, mats, etc.

Decorating The Room

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You can also buy or make wreaths for doors, and heart shaped wall decorations with paper or real flowers matching the color scheme pasted in the middle. Use tablecloths, napkins and slipcovers that go with your color scheme. For a diamond anniversary, you can even sew or paste Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, uncolored glass beads and imitation stones on all your fabric. If you are using metal or glass tableware try to use items that go with the theme. For example, use plenty of lacy fabric, glass and crystal ornaments for a diamond anniversary. Substitute with gold and silver themed items for a golden anniversary and silver anniversary respectively. Using these ideas will help you decorate a room for anniversary day in the easiest way.