How To Decorate A Buffet Table For Christmas

Buffet Table For Christmas

Christmas calls for lots of parties and an essential component of such parties consist of the food. If you are inviting quite a few friends and relatives, it is preferable to have a buffet table.

This not only helps in keeping the food organized but, also helps to serve guests without any hassle. And in laying out the buffet table, you must also take into consideration its décor. When the entire house reflects the festive cheer, the buffet table must also be in tune with the festive spirit. So, if you are thinking of ways to decorate a buffet table for Christmas, here are some ideas that you can try out.

How To Decorate A Buffet Table For Christmas 

1. Choose A Colour Scheme

Since the buffet table is going to be for a Christmas party, choose a colour scheme that fits well with the season. Colours like white, red, green, silver and gold must be appropriately co-ordinated for creating the perfect ambience of a Christmas party. Use a dark coloured table cloth, preferably in red and accentuate it with light coloured tableware.

You can utilize two or three different shades for deciding on the colour of the napkins, candles and tableware. In order to make the tableware even more interesting, you can think of wrapping the spoons with special ribbons that reflect the festive mood. Red, golden or silver ribbons are perfect for this purpose. If possible, you can also hang little bells from the ribbons and the ideal Christmas decor would be in place.

Choose A Colour Scheme

2. Select Special Serving Plates

The serving plates for your buffet table must also match the Christmas decor. In order to do this, select special Christmas themed serving plates. You can also use some exquisite, decorative bowls and plates for the special party.

How To Decorate A Buffet Table For Christmas

3. Decorate The Table

The buffet table’s decoration is an essential component for creating the ideal atmosphere for the party. In keeping with the Christmas theme, dress up your table with tulle and lace. You can also drape the table with string lights. With this you’ll be able to bring about a dramatic appeal to the table.

Along with these, you can also add some candles for enhancing the decor. Beautiful, decorative glass candle holders are perfect for this occasion and you can get some of these for decorating the buffet table. However, make sure that these candles are placed on a higher level or you can use tall candles and spiral stands. Otherwise, the candles would be hidden from view by the food kept on the table.

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4. Make Some Centerpieces For The Table

Make use of a few centerpieces for decorating the empty spaces on the table. Colourful Christmas balls placed in glass bowls, flowers kept in tall vases or even stuffed toys can be used for this purpose. Small gift boxes wrapped in decorative, Christmas themed wrapping paper can also be used as centerpieces for the table.

Apart from these, you can also place a bowl of red and white candies near the dessert counter. Guests would love the idea of finishing off their meals with some Christmas themed candies.

Make Some Centerpieces For The Table