How To Create A Gift Registry Card

How To Create A Gift Registry Card A gift registry is a list of the gift that a person or a couple would like to receive from their guests. Since it is a bad etiquette to inform the guests about the wish list itself on the invitation card, therefore a separate gift registry card should be enclosed with the invitation card.

Gift registry cards ensure the gift givers that the receiver would be really pleased to get the gift, and hence arrangements are made at gift registry store, to keep all the listed items in the store. And as soon as the buyer buys one gift, its replica is immediately removed from the store. So, to make a lovely gift registry card for your party, you can follow the below mentioned simple steps and one for your guests in seconds.

Steps To Create A Gift Registry Card

1. To get started, you will need to have graphic editing software on your computer. If you don’t have one, then you can easily install it first and then move ahead. Once you have the graphic editing software in your computer, open it, and go to “new”.

From there, create a new document, but you should be careful, that the size of the gift registry card should not be larger than your invitation card. Rather it should be a bit smaller or you can also choose it to make it half the size of your invitation card.

2. Then choose a simple and easy to read font, like aerial or times new roman. Avoid using any decorative fonts, because although they look nice, but it might be problematic for your guests to read the information.

Your motif is to inform your guests, not to create a decoration, hence keep the font simple. But apart from the font, you should make your gift registry card equally decorative as your invitation card, so that it maintains a consistency.

3. Then, first create a box like boundary all along the card. Inside that box, first create a heading, to inform your guests that it’s a gift registry card. The heading’s font size should be slightly bigger than the font size for the rest of the body copy and keep the heading center aligned to make it appear more attractive.

4. Then, just below the heading, write a thank you note to your guests, that they have attended your party. After that, just inform them about the gift registry, and also incorporate the statement, that this is just a suggestion for them to buy the gifts. The gift registry card should not appear rude.

After that, jot down the details of all the stores in which you are registered. And if you have created any websites for your wedding, then be sure to state it right below the address of the stores. And make sure, that the whole body copy should be properly aligned.

5. At the ending, complete your gift registry card with a thank you note. And incorporate some fine decorations if you wish to. But avoid including any foolish things, like your photo in the card. As this will make your gift registry card appear cluttered and cheap.

6. After completing the whole card, save the document in your desired computer location, and then go to the print option. From there note down the number of copies you would like to print. Then insert heavy card stock paper in your printer, and take print of your gift registry card.

The gift registry card is now complete and it’s that simple.