How To Coordinate The Reception Schedule Of Events With A DJ

How To Coordinate The Reception Schedule Of Events With A DJ Planning a reception of any size can be very stressful if you wish to go through all the nitty gritties by yourself. You have to be sure of the complete schedule for the evening, the sequence of events, the responsibilities, making sure everyone responsible is on track, etc. Once you have your fact sheet in black and white, you will have to coordinate this with your DJ, who is the one person to make things go on as planned.

The first and most important thing to do is prepare a flowchart of how the evening is going to unfold. What happens first, what next, and so on. Try to keep your list as simple as possible. Get the complete act together and then assign roles and responsibilities. Be certain to write down the schedule as you would like it so you will not forget anything as days get closer.

Next thing to do is find a good DJ. A good DJ is bound to keep the gathering in good spirits. Look up your personal contacts and ask for references or you can get in touch with some event companies – although they might charge a premium for their service, it might well worth the extra bucks. Be sure that the DJ you select knows the genre of music you, your family and guests are most accustomed to. Don’t forget to book your DJ well in advance so you don’t face issues of non-availability.

After you have done the above two tasks, be sure to discuss the event schedule with your DJ. He has to be sure of what you expect next. You will be busy with your guests and you should not worry if the DJ is doing the job right. So make sure you discuss the complete sequence of events with the DJ, just so that your DJ knows what to do well in advance. In doing so, you are taking some worries off your shoulders.

If you are having trouble finalising your schedule, discuss with your DJ who would most certainly be able to give you tips and insights of what would work well for your reception and what would not. Be open to suggestions given by your DJ, since he has attended more events that yourself and would know better. Although his suggestions are not binding on you, do give it a thought.

 Keep in regular contact with your DJ, talking about the event date, time, some points on the schedule, so that he is well aware of your requirements. If you have something specific to be played at the reception, discuss this with the DJ, so he can arrange it in his playlist in case he does not already have it. Don’t surprise him at the last minute, because you might be disappointed.

Discuss what music must be played at different times of the reception, like pleasant instrumental music as guests arrive and before any formal proceedings, a specific song for your first dance, that touching song when the bride dances with her father, and so on.  If you have any changes to the sequence of events, inform your DJ in advance so that he can plan accordingly and be prepared. Do not surprise your DJ on D-Day, as things can go wrong.

Also remember, your DJ is responsible to set the mood for the evening, get your guests to feel comfortable, shake a leg if dance is on the schedule, enjoy the evening and leave with pleasant memories. Do not overload your DJ with responsibilities not meant to be handled by him. He should not divert his attention from what he does best.  Now that you have your work cut out, go ahead, plan and enjoy your party.

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