How To Choose Vintage Ring For Engagement

Do you want to celebrate the occasion of your engagement in style? Then it is better to opt for a vintage gift that will add more value to one of the most important occasions of your life. Most vital aspect of this occasion can be a ring and thus here you will get to know how you can choose vintage ring for engagement.

How To Choose Vintage Ring For Engagement

What Makes Vintage Ring A Preferable Choice For Engagement

These rings brilliantly display the work of art. Such a ring speaks volumes about the choice and refined taste of the person who wears it. Though the craftsmanship belongs to the old world of art, but the details and the brilliance of the art piece is enough to mesmerize anyone.

It is hard to find such setting and details in the contemporary jewelries. Thus, vintage rings are given great value for different occasions.

Tips To Buy Vintage Rings For Engagement

Decide on Simple Or Detailed Work

Most of the vintage rings that are in good demand belong to the Victorian era. Particularly, the pieces from the period of late 1800s to the mid-1900s, are quite popular.

You can choose from the simple designs like Old European cut or single old mine diamond to the multiple diamonds perfectly set with detailed curving. So, it is essential that what type of vintage ring you are looking for as you can find both simple and intricate varieties that will catch your attention.

Judge The Quality

You should decide on a suitable vintage ring for engagement by considering the following aspects


Wedding ring is generally valued for the diamond and thus it is quite evident that you have to judge the weight of the stone. More weight of the stone means higher price and it may not be possible for everyone to afford.

How To Choose Vintage Ring For Engagement

Best thing that you can do is search for the stones that belong to the 1930s and 40s that were elaborately beaded and curved to make them appear larger. Rings with such diamonds are affordable in comparison to the real bulky stones.

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More clarity of stone means bigger price of the ring. Value of diamond is determined by its clarity in terms of visibility and character of natural inclusions. Numerous jewelry makers from the mid-century period used to build high quality rings. Such rings are beautiful and perfectly detailed. Buying such a ring will add to the perfection of vintage ring.


You can find plenty of color options for these vintage diamond rings. Generally, the diamonds with green, yellow and soft pink hint belong to the older era. These diamonds look different in comparison to the white stones of the modern period.


How To Choose Vintage Ring For Engagement

Older diamond pieces were hand-cut to give shape, contrary to the laser-cut pieces of the present times. Older stones still look romantic and soft.


Consider the workmanship of the vintage ring that you want to buy. Such detailed and skilled work in today’s pieces will burn hole in your pocket. Thus, it is a good choice to buy the vintage ring as a gift for engagement.