How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Reception Location

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Reception Location A wedding reception follows the marriage ceremony and is attended by family and friends to celebrate the couple’s union. There are many options when it comes to selecting a wedding reception location. This is why many couples find it confusing to zero in on any one location.

The wedding reception you chose must reflect your personality as a couple. This article gives you an overview of various venues where you can host your wedding reception. It tells how to decorate these venues and what considerations to keep in mind while selecting a wedding reception venue.

 Ideas On Selecting Wedding Reception Locations

Important Points To Consider Before Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

Begin planning well in advance for your wedding reception since many venues need to be booked up to 6 months prior to the wedding date. You and your partner must mutually decide on what type of a wedding reception location you would want to choose. Traditional venues such as party halls, hotels, clubhouses, church halls, etc. will make things simpler for you.

These traditional venues can be easily decorated and will have all necessary infrastructure in place. Lights, restrooms, parking area, changing rooms, etc. will be taken care of if you are choosing a traditional venue.

Many couples however want their wedding to be unique so they decide to choose an outdoor reception venue. This is a great idea, but you need to keep in mind few things if you are choosing a unique venue. You will need to tour the venue to find out if there is ample parking space for the guests you intend to invite. You will also have to figure out how best you can decorate the venue and the general lay-out for arranging the tables, chairs, catering tables, etc.

Destination Wedding Locations Offer For An Enjoyable Treat

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to make their wedding a fun-filled get-away. Exotic beaches, alpine lakes, and scenic mountain resorts are popular choices for a destination wedding reception. Many resorts and spas offer complete wedding packages to make your reception a romantic and memorable event.

A wedding reception at an exotic island or a scenic lake will also give your guests a nice holiday. Destination weddings are slightly expensive but most of the reception décor and catering will be taken care of by the resort.

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Gardens, Wineries And Orchards Make For Beautiful And Serene Wedding Reception Locations

Gardens are beautiful in themselves and having your wedding reception amidst the smell of fresh flowers and gorgeous botanical preserves is a truly romantic idea. Wineries and orchards too are great locations to hold a wedding reception. The naturally beautiful flowers and fruits will make your wedding reception look beautiful without you having to spend a fortune on decorations. However, gardens and orchards are a good choice only during summer and spring when nature is in full bloom. You may need to get special permissions if you want to host your wedding reception in a public garden.

An Exotic Wedding Cruise For Your Reception

You can host your wedding reception on board a luxury cruise-liner. Having your wedding reception aboard a cruise offers a truly romantic setting for the most special event of your life. Many cruise companies offer exclusive wedding packages where decor, catering, entertainment, etc. is well-arranged.

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