How To Choose A Birthday Gift For A Father

How To Choose A Birthday Gift For A Father Are you wondering what to gift your father for his next birthday? It’s not always easy to decide what to give to your dad mainly because you may not know his likes and dislikes properly. After you were born, he might have been compelled to give up his hobbies or things he liked doing just to make time for you.

Giving him the perfect gift is a very good opportunity to show your love and care towards him. It need not be an expensive gift, but it should reflect your thoughts and feelings and show the effort you made to arrange for it. Some unique gift ideas are discussed below. You will surely find one that suits your dad perfectly.

How To Choose A Birthday Gift For A Father

Photo Album

For this you will need to know something about your father’s past. You can take help from your mother. Bring out all those old family albums. In this digital age, it is quite likely that they will be lying under a cover of dust. Take them out and find out pictures related to your father. The pictures of his teens, college days, his sports team, his graduation, his marriage, holidays- all sweet memories which most probably have blurred with time.

Select the pictures which you think mean the most to him. You will probably need to take the pictures to the lab and make fresh copies of them. Put them in a nice album, decorate it and present it to him on his birthday. Do not be surprised if you find tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks.

Music Collection

Does your father have a load of audio cassettes and vinyl records gathering dust? Was he a music enthusiast in his days? Almost everyone likes music and your father may not be an exception. Find out which were his favorite bands. Ask your mother if she knows any album, which once played made him forget time. Make a list of his favorite artists and bands and then try to collect their music. It is quite obvious that the tapes lying in that dusty pile will not play anymore.

Visit your local music store and buy those albums. If you do not find them, check online. Many rare albums are available on the internet today. You can also check for unreleased or live versions of those bands and artists to make your gift more special. Arrange your collection and surprise your dad with it. You don’t have to wrap it up and give him in his hands. Just play it, turn up the volume and the smile on his face will tell you how happy you have made him.

Take Him On An Outing

It is quite likely that your father has to spend most of his day arranging for survival like everybody else. An outing on his birthday can be a great gift for him. It will be uncommon and will do him a lot of good by taking him away from all that daily stress. A picnic can be a nice idea for an outing. Choose a calm and quiet place. A natural place like a riverside or some open field can be the perfect place for you two. If your father has some favorite place, take him there.

How To Choose A Birthday Gift For A Father

Else you can arrange for a fishing trip if fishing is one of his hobbies. Start early and pack a good lunch in honor of his birthday. Spend the day talking, chatting and reminding him how great it is to have him as a father. And who knows, you may end up catching some fish too! End the day with a delicious dinner or a good movie and be sure that you have made his birthday a memorable one.

Gift An Activity

There are a lot of activities that one does or likes to do in their youth. But with passage of time and the mounting responsibilities of family life, most men do not get any time to indulge in them. You can make him feel young by arranging an activity like that on his birthday. Find out what he liked doing in his younger days. He might have hit the most number of home runs for his team or saved highest number of goals in his soccer games.

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Or he could have been the vocalist of a band where he rocked a large audience by his voice. Plan the activity depending on what your father liked to do. If he was a singer, you can arrange a karaoke program and also invite your friends to play along. If baseball was his game, call your buddies and fix up a match on his birthday. It will be a completely different birthday experience for him. Expect a lot of hugs and kudos from your dad at the end of the game, even if you lose to the other team!

Throw A Party

The easiest gift you can please your father with is a party. You just need to put some thought into it and you can end up presenting him a great gift. Choose a nice venue. It can be a place where your father used to hang out or someplace he likes going back. If he is not much of an outdoor person, arrange the party at home. Do not forget to invite his friends and old time buddies. Check out his friend list if he is on any social network. Try to contact and invite some friends whom he has not met for a long time. Reuniting someone with their old time friends is a very noble task to undertake.

You can also put some theme to the party. For example, a party arranged on the theme of 1960s can remind him of the good old days. Note down all the things that your dad likes to eat and arrange the menu accordingly. Good food, good company and good ambience- the perfect combination for a successful birthday which will be remembered by your dad for a long time to come.

So go ahead and pick one idea. Or better still, work out a combination of the ideas and make your own special birthday gift for your father. Make him realize how wonderful and loved he is and how much he means to you.