How To Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

Baby's First Birthday

Tips To Celebrate First Birthday

In the ruckus of managing a new-born you do not realize how fast the wings of time flapped and one long year of motherhood was about to be completed. This calls for a celebration! The baby is going to experience its first birthday which is always special to the parents grandparents and relatives. Remember, you do not need to spend hefty amounts to make this memorable as your baby is too young to even enjoy it, such parties should be a celebration of love and be a memorabilia for your baby to cherish later in life.

Tips To Celebrate First Birthday 

Calling One And All

Calling One And All To Celebrate First Birthday

Your baby is still too young and many of them at this age dislike strangers. Restrict your guest list for the comfort of your baby. Invite near and dear ones and some neighbors. You may also invite friends who have babies or kids. This day is your baby’s day and your baby should be able to enjoy love and adulation from all.

Fix The Hours

This is an important occasion for the baby, make sure you do not end up choosing a time for the party during which the little one will be napping. Select a time when your baby is awake and full of energy. Time after the afternoon nap or evenings are perfect for most parties. If you have other babies in your guest list consider their nap timing too and adjust your party time likewise. Your party should be completed in limited time, say an hour or so, so that all enjoy it and none are tired not even your birthday baby!

Fix The Hours To Celebrate First Birthday

The Invite

It is an emotional time. Consider adding a personal touch to the invitation cards. Choose a cute picture of the baby and add the details of the party on the back.

Another idea is to get palm or feet prints of your baby on a card, get the card replicated and write your invitation on the back of the card. You may also write the content as if the baby is directly inviting the guests, as an example  you can write – “I Jeanne Jose am celebrating my 1st birthday and want you to join me…”

Invitations For Baby's First Birthday

The Place And Theme

The babies feel most secure in a known environment and the house is the best option but if you do not have the space you may do it in the terrace, garden, relative’s apartment or hire a small hall. The place you have chosen may be decorated but stay away from balloons, crackers or other decorations that may pose a threat to the baby.

Instead opt for decorations that are more personal. You may hang up the birthday kid’s photos right from day 1 till date. Pick moments like crying, sleeping or a messy eating session. This will familiarize your baby to the guests and also make them smile. Other great decorations would be hanging mobiles, soft toys and other toys strewn around so that all other kids coming to your party feel welcomed.

Place And Theme For Baby's First Birthday

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Birthday Snacks

The food should be light and delicious so that all can enjoy. Opt for good snacks like sandwiches, pizza, puffs, ice-cream, shakes, tarts and pastries of all kind. Keep juices and milk ready for the baby guests.

The birthday cake could be of your choice, it could match the outfit that you picked for the baby. Now, digital printed cakes are a rage, but if its not available pick cakes shaped like the 1st alphabet of the baby’s name, a cartoon character, rattles, blocks etc.

Birthday Snacks For Baby's First Birthday

Let’s Play

If you have many kids in the guest list play games that would normally be played at a party. Remember your baby is not yet old enough to play so your aim  is to keep the guests entertained.

Let's Play To Celebrate Baby's First Birthday

Thank You Gifts

This is not mandatory but since it is now some what ubiquitous you may want to show your appreciation to the kids at the party. For the babies and toddlers you can pick up soft toys, rattles, mobiles, bath soaps or feeding bottles. For the older kids story books or chocolates are good enough.

Thank You Gifts For Baby's First Birthday

Points To Remember

Remove rugs and carpets from main area as things may become messy.
Keep a secluded room for mothers with babies to breast-feed or change diapers.
Keep loads of napkins around for the kids.
Make the place baby-proof. Let no sharp objects like scissors and knives lie around.
Opt for plastic cutlery so that none of the kids get hurt accidentally.
Do not let any small stray object lying around; you don’t want any of babies popping something right down his throat!
Keep pets away.Not all kids can adjust with pets and some may even have allergies.
While you are in charge of the party make sure someone is in charge of capturing these moments.

Points To Remember For Baby's First Birthday