How To Celebrate A 20th Anniversary

How To Celebrate A 20th Anniversary

The 20th year of marriage is a truly special occasion. It can be considered to be a milestone year in your life. In an age where marriages are taken for granted and separations are on the rise, spending 20 years of conjugal life is an amazing achievement.

And in order to cherish the sweet memories of the last 20 years, you must make an effort to celebrate it. But, are you running out of ideas and thinking about how to celebrate a 20th anniversary? Here are some ideas that would help you to plan a great 20th anniversary celebration.

1. Plan A Romantic Getaway For Two

Plan A Romantic Getaway For Two

The best way to celebrate a 20th anniversary is to spend some time together. To do this, you need to plan a romantic getaway. It does not have to be an exotic location. A place where the two of you had first met could be a great place for celebrating the special day.

You can also choose to indulge in a picnic, where you can rest and enjoy a laidback day. However, if time permits, the best way to celebrate this moment would be to spend a day or two at a wonderful location. After so many years of staying together, rediscover the romantic side of your relationship in a secluded vacation.

2. Choose The Perfect Gift

Choose The Perfect Gift

Traditionally, 20th anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated with platinum. So, a gift in platinum would be ideal for this occasion. It is the perfect occasion to have a pair of platinum love bands for the couple. The two of you can sport these bands after your 20th anniversary. Apart from these, platinum rings, pendants, keepsake boxes or platinum cookware can also be gifted on this special occasion. Another great gift idea for this occasion can be an emerald, which symbolizes the 20th anniversary.

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3. A Chinese Theme Adorns The 20th Anniversary

A Chinese Theme Adorns The 20th Anniversary

In keeping with tradition, 20th anniversaries are generally associated with a Chinese theme. So, think of Chinese decorations for adorning your party. You can use Chinese lanterns to adorn the venue and select a Chinese meal for the two of you. Celebrate your 20th anniversary dinner with some awesome Chinese food.

If you are having a party, let the guests also enjoy some fabulous Chinese delicacies. However, if it is a cosy affair for the two of you, it is best to get it ordered from a favourite Chinese restaurant. Have a wonderful dinner together and celebrate one of the momentous days of your life.

4. Make An Effort To Profess Your Love

Make An Effort To Profess Your Love

After 20 years of marriage, the times when you have professed your love for your spouse must have dwindled. Unlike the early years of marriage, when you keep telling each other how much you love each other, occasions for professing your love might not have come up recently.

The 20th anniversary is just the right time to say that you love your wife or husband. Simple gestures such as a romantic card or a bouquet of flowers are enough to make the other person know how much you care for him or her. And it would be one of the finest ways for celebrating a 20th anniversary.