How To Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

How To Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

Finally, you have completed five years of married life! A great accomplishment in itself, the 5th anniversary is taken as the starting point to a long journey of love and commitment. In fact, it begins the true test of companionship and is considered to be a very important juncture in a married couple’s life.

How To Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

1. Opt For A Fun Family Party

Fun Family Party

By the time you are celebrating your 5th anniversary, you must be having loads of friends and family members. With each passing year, familiarity with relatives grew and this is the best time to cherish those bonds. So, the best way to celebrate the 5th anniversary is to opt for a family party. Call up all your close friends and relatives and get ready to have a lot of fun.

If you were married at a tropical place or by the sea shore, try to recreate the ambience of your wedding. Arrange for pool parties, dress up in your best beachwear and let your hair down. And if you can afford to arrange for a destination anniversary, nothing can be better than that. However, before planning such a party it would be a great idea to consult your guests. Since, they are going to be an integral part of your celebrations, do not forget about their conveniences.

2. Traditional Gifts

The 5th anniversary has been traditionally associated with wood and sapphire. Hence, gifts for the couple generally focus on this theme. Sapphire rings or pendants can be an appropriate choice for the woman. The man, on the other hand, can get gifts of sapphire encrusted silver rings. You can also opt for wooden gifts.

Traditional Gifts


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How To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Different types of wooden home decor items can be easily chosen for the couple celebrating their 5th anniversary. Apart from these, you can also choose a bouquet of daisies for the couple. Traditionally, daisies have been associated with the 5th anniversary and is therefore, chosen for this occasion.

3. Incorporate The Wood And Sapphire Theme

The 5th anniversary party should incorporate the wood and sapphire theme in its decorations. Make use of brown and blue colours, wherever possible. Choose blue table cloths for the party along with brown napkins. Put up blue and brown balloons, streamers and confetti around the venue and let the guests know about your conscious choice of colours. If possible, make use of wooden plates and bowls for serving food.

The Wood And Sapphire Theme

4. Romantic Trip For Two

After five years of married life, the couple must be pressed for time and hardly gets time with each other. So, make use of this opportunity and let them go for a romantic vacation. Take a weekend off and set out on a cosy holiday without the kids.

Romantic Trip For Two