How To Celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary

Significance Of Ruby Anniversary

Sharing life for forty years calls for a celebration. Wedding itself is a celebration of life with your loved one. Keeping a count sets a benchmark to be achieved. Fortieth wedding anniversary is called the ‘Ruby Anniversary.’

Significance Of Ruby Anniversary

Significance Of Ruby Anniversary

The ruby anniversary is a special milestone, this is a place in the journey together where you can look back and understand the real worth of the person besides you who was strong as a mountain in your ups and downs. Men and women have different ideas to celebrate this occasion. But like any other anniversary this one also is based on your partner’s happiness.

Why Celebrate It?

Being together for forty years is a big deal. You have actually seen your partner change in these forty years. These changes were influential, the urge to be with someone made you change. There were job changes, new house, children, accidents, disappointments and fights. What acts as a glue to be together for forty long years?

Love was red at first and at forty it again becomes red! Ruby signifies the colour that is adds to the couple’s life. Red symbolises love and it is love that made you see this day today. Gifting becomes easier when you know someone for forty years. Eyes can be easily read and smiles cannot be deceptive. There are many ways to celebrate this day.

Why Celebrate It

How To Celebrate It?

Ruby anniversaries also help in rekindling the lost love between the two. Responsibilities create valley and celebrating such benchmark achievements build a bridge. Consider yourself lucky to have lived till this day and most importantly celebrate with your better half!

Life is always about love and marriage about adjustments, adjust for love and love to adjust are the words of wisdom which you can pass onto the next generation who can hardly reach the wood anniversary.

Celebrating the ruby with family helps the young minds to refresh their own lives and get inspired to be where you proudly stand. This day is a once in a life occasion, making it special becomes pretty obvious, celebrating this day in such way that makes you delighted throughout your life.

A ruby anniversary is a mark of the completed promises and adds a new list of promises. Like any other festival this is a festival for the happy couple. Anniversaries are taken slightly more seriously than birthdays, because of the togetherness.

How To Celebrate It

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Being Lucky To Be Together!

So far in the journey makes you happy and also makes you wonder, “How did forty years pass?” Any one in love wants to share lives together hence this celebration. Every appreciation boosts a man to perform better. There are gold, diamond and platinum waiting to be celebrated.

Let me love her more as my hair grows white and let me be crazy about him as my vision goes opaque is what that adds some extra energy to your life. Let this day dawn upon anyone who is in love and know its value, for every year passed adds new experiences, new facets of your partner, new promises and significantly adds the joy of togetherness.

Being Lucky To Be Together