Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas Makes The Couple Feel Special

When it comes to wedding presents for the bride and the groom, it can be quite confusing. So it is better if we make home made presents for the couple. It will be more love filled. The couple will feel extremely special after receiving home made gifts as it will reflect the thoughtfulness of the person who is giving the gift. But before working on anything, little study should done on the couple’s choices or preferences as it would help to make the present accordingly.

Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas


Painting is a thing liked by most people. We can paint a wonderful portrait of the couple and gift it to them on their special day. But of course, the person who is giving has to be a painter otherwise he won’t be able to paint a proper portrait.


This will be a wonderful homemade gift. Later on, the couple can also hang it on the wall of their house and it will remain in their hearts as a sweet memory.


Handicrafts are extremely valuable and precious and they are one of the best home made wedding gift ideas. With the help of a pillowcase or a plain cloth, we can with very ease, sew the initials of the bride and the groom or even write their names on it or we can also write some lovely message or anything which will make the newly wedded couple feel special. On the plain cloth, we can also decorate with hearts and flowers. This is the warmest gift one can ever think of.

Recipe Box

This particular gift will mostly be beneficial for the brides as they are the ones who will have to cook for their grooms! In a cook book, all the recipes which are mostly liked by every one can be typed down and then it can be put in a sweet recipe box.

Recipe Box

The recipe box can also be made in home with the use of a hard cardboard and then it can be decorated with floral prints or whatever one may wish for.

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The Art Of 3d Greeting Card

A shadow box can be made with the invitations and the dates. This greeting card can be made in home and also the inside of the box can be decorated with flower prints or heart shaped paper cuts. This will be an extremely sweet gift for the bride and the groom.


For making this, we have to first collect some details about both the bride ad the groom and then we can make a wonderful scrapbook which will have all the details of the couple together. Photos of one giving the gift and the couple can be included which will make the thing even more special.


This is one of the best home made wedding gift which one can ever receive. In cases of wedding gifts, a hand made one is a great way for celebrating the wedding of family or friends, etc. These gifts are more personal and the hard work done by the person giving the present will really be appreciated by both the bride and groom.