5 Homemade Gifts For Father’s Day

Homemade Gifts For Father's Day

We all know who is the most important man in our lives, don’t we? Yes, it is our father who has supported us ever since we were born. He has played the role of a pivotal figure, giving us everything to the best of his abilities. So it is only fair that we should do the same for him and what better time to show it than on Father’s Day?

Homemade Gifts For Father's Day

It only comes once a year, but it brings with it loads of expectations, making it a truly special event. On this day, take some time out, and show him how much you love him, by pulling out all the stops for him. But making your dad feel special does not just mean that you spend a lot of money. In fact, the gifts you give him do not even have to be bought from a fancy store. He will appreciate it more if they are hand-made and you have put in time for it.

Gifts For Father’s Day

Say It With A Photo Frame

The first type of handmade gifts for your father on Father’s Day is a leaf print photo frame gift. Who does not love photographs, as they sit neatly perched on top of the sill? Everyone does, right? Remind him of some happy moments and some memorable times with this classy artefact.

Photo Frame

How To Do It?

Here is a good opportunity to customize this small gift by putting in a bit of effort. Take a normal photo frame with a large mat and lay emphasis on planning the design. Take a few leaves from your yard and place each leaf vein on a piece of paper with the side up. Try and gather some different leaf designs so that your photo frame does not look too dull.

Take a sponge brush and dab crafty paint on it softly in an even manner. Take the leaf when it’s still wet and invert it on the frame mat. Stamp it, so that the entire design of the leaf gets imprinted on the mat. Cover the leaf with a piece of paper and use a roller, pressurising the leaf slightly to get an even imprint.

Take off the paper and repeat the process, depending on the number of designs you want. Add a family photo in the newly self designed photo frame and notice how your Dad can’t stop smiling with pride.

How To Do It


Embellish your love with some neat fabric paperweights. All you need are some fabric scraps and stones. Collect a few stones from the backyard, all smooth and pretty. But make sure they are all even in shape.

Take the fabric scraps and decoupage them on the stones. As the stones begin to dry off, decorate them with some fancy letter stickers, saying something about the love you have for your father. This is definitely not going to make things go wrong for you on this special Father’s Day.


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Hand Printed Tie

Is your Dad the formal type? If the answer is a yes, then why don’t you give him something which he will wear really close to his heart? Yes, you guessed it. Give him a hand printed tie with some really simple, elegant prints. As this is something he will be using for his formal affairs, you need to ensure to go for something more on the subtle side.

Douse the tie in some soft colours and deck it up with some cute shapes, making the tie pass off as something purchased from the local store. Not only will your Dad cherish the gesture, but he will also get a number of appreciations for the creative addition to his wardrobe.

Hand Printed Tie

Music Is The Answer To Your Woes

Last but not the least; a handmade gift which is going to make your Dad tune in to some groovy tunes, this Father’s Day is a set of musical instrument coasters. If your dad loves music and an occasional good drink, then this is the ideal gift for him. Using the internet, download images of musical instruments and trace them with the help of a pencil.

Take the tracings and flip them on white ceramic tiles to transfer the images on to them. Using porcelain paint and a very thin paint brush, line the insides of the images. Let the paint dry off and you would have a ready gift for your Daddy. So choose wisely, and let your Dad know you care, the cute and bubbly way.

Music Is The Answer