3 Homemade Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the time for decorations and celebrations. It is the ideal time for dressing up your home. However, in most cases, we devote a lot of time for decorating the interiors of the house. The yard and the outdoor areas remain neglected. This Christmas, make an effort to decorate the yard with some homemade decorations.

Homemade Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas

These are not only cheap alternatives but, are also great ways of beautifying your home. Moreover, the yard attracts a lot of attention from the passer-bys and the neighbours. And if you wish to attract them towards your house, the best way is to make some homemade Christmas yard decorations. Have a look at some fabulous ideas for homemade Christmas yard decorations.

Dress Up The Trees

Yards generally have a lot of trees and if you make an effort to decorate them, it will certainly be a great idea. One of the easiest ways of creating fancy decorations for the trees is with cardboard, colourful paper and some glitters. Just as you would decorate the Christmas tree, make decorations for the real trees at the yard. Cut out big stars and bells from cardboards. Trace out the shape by cutting it along the edges.

Cover it with coloured paper and give it a decorative feel with shiny glitter particles and sparkles. Make a small hole on one side of the star. Bend wires to form a loop and insert it through the hole. Hang it on the trees for fantastic Christmas decorations. In a similar fashion you can use pine cones.

Collect some pine cones from the neighbourhood and dip it in peanut butter. Roll this in a plate containing bird seeds. Hang the pine cones from the trees and let the birds enjoy a tasty treat during the Christmas season. The pinecones would also give a rustic feel to your yard decoration.

Dress Up The Trees Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas

Garlands For Decorating The Yard

Make some garlands with artificial flowers, popcorns or Christmas decoration balls lying at home. If you are making the garlands with artificial flower, choose the red and white ones. String them together and wrap it around the fences and the tree trunks. If you have light posts at the yard, wrap some around it as well. To make the popcorn garlands, you need to pop some unbuttered popcorn and then string them together. In order to give it a dramatic look, you can attach strawberries or cranberries at intervals of 10 to 15 popcorns.

Garlands For Decorating The Yard

Utilize Old CDs And DVDs

Have you ever thought of utilizing the old CDs and DVDs for your Christmas yard decoration? If not, this is the perfect time to use your creativity. Make loops with ribbons and attach it to the CDs and DVDs. Hang them from the branches and have some around the fences. These would glow in the bright sunlight during the day time, giving the yard a festive look even when the lights are not on. And by evening, when the yard lights start glowing, the CDs would automatically sparkle, adding shine to your Christmas yard decorations.

Utilize Old CDs And DVDs