4 Homemade Centerpiece Ideas For A 50th Anniversary

Homemade Centerpiece Ideas For A 50th Anniversary

Being married for more than five decades is certainly a remarkable achievement. And to commemorate this awesome fete, you can think of celebrating the special occasion in style. Although, you have thought about the party decorations a number of times, have you ever given a thought to the centerpieces that would be used for the big day? If not, here is your golden opportunity to create fabulous homemade centerpieces for a 50th anniversary.

The party tables are a central attraction for any event. And to make them attractive, it becomes almost inevitable to use decorative items for the tables. The centerpieces form an integral part of your table decorations and play a huge role in enhancing the look and feel of the room. So, here are a few homemade centerpiece ideas for a 50th anniversary.

Homemade Centerpiece Ideas For A 50th Anniversary 

1. Candles

Candles form excellent centerpieces that pave the way for a glorious evening. So, for a 50th anniversary celebration, you can take a few long candles and arrange it on golden candle holders or a golden plate. It will be perfectly suited to the golden jubilee theme and would be perfect for lending an awesome feel to the room. However, if you do not find any golden candle stand, just wrap the candles with golden ribbons or confetti and make them elegant and beautiful.


2. Flowers

Another great way of decorating the table consists of putting up a few flower centerpieces. Since it is the couple’s 50th anniversary, try to find flowers that were originally used for their wedding. If the wedding was held in the same city, it is more than likely that you are going to find similar flowers during this time of the year. Hence, a little effort would help to recreate the original ambience of the wedding and the couple would surely appreciate this gesture.


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3. Dedicated Tables

In order to glorify the couple’s journey in the last 50 years, you can have dedicated tables that bring forth their achievements over the years. Start off with their first year of married life and dedicate one table to their honeymoon period. Here you can have centerpieces consisting of various souvenirs that they had collected during that time or a few photo frames containing pictures of those special moments. The next table can have pictures of their first child, showing the couple’s transition from just being husband and wife to a mother and father. A few photos of their child’s growing up years can also be put up on this table. The other tables can contain various memoirs depicting their other accomplishments in life.

 Dedicated Tables

4. The Couple’s Favourite Things

One of the best ideas for homemade centerpieces consists of using the couple’s favourite things. If the couple like to have chocolates, get some custom made chocolates for the happy couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

 The Couple’s Favourite Things

These can be shaped like the numbers 5 and 0 to create optimum centerpieces for the occasion. Thus, with a little care and effort you can think of some amazing homemade centerpieces for the 50th anniversary.