Holiday Dinner With Family Fun Craft Ideas

Holiday Dinner With Family Fun Craft Ideas All of us generally spend most of our time working in offices or at home. The little time that we get for ourselves should be planned with our family. Therefore, all the members of the family should whole-heartedly participate in the preparation for the holiday dinner. Even the children and elderly members can help you in the arrangements. There are various fun craft ideas, which can make the holiday dinner even more exiting.

Craft Ideas For Table Cloth And Mats

Choosing a classic table cloth is one of the most important tasks. You can hand print or stencil print beautiful designs on a silk or shiny fabric. Ordinary table mats should also be replaced with some special ones. It is better if the mats and coasters compliment your table cloth. You can weave beautiful mats out of paper, bamboo sticks and cloths. You can even appliqué or make some floral or geometric designs by using ornamental cross stitch, sating stitch or run stitch.

Craft Ideas For Table Centerpiece

The centerpiece placed in the middle of the table is bound to grab everyone’s attention. It can certainly enhance the look of the table and convert an ordinary dinner into a special one. There are many interesting craft ideas for preparing decorative centerpieces. For example, you can place some beautiful crystal bowl or colored straw basket filled with fruits or flowers. You can even design a beautiful pine cone turkey by sticking artificial feathers and eyes on a large pine cone. There is no need of using a large centerpiece as it may cover the face of the people sitting on the opposite side of the table.

Craft Ideas For Naming Cards

You can also decorate the table by placing a naming card for each of the family members. In fact, you can involve your kids for creating these cards. You can cut various shapes out of colored paper and paint some pictures on them. You can even stick some food grain, sparkles and stickers for highlighting them. Some holiday messages can also be written inside the greeting cards.

Craft Ideas For Napkin Holders

Napkins are required everyday at the dinning table. An attractive looking napkin holder can completely change the look of the dinning table. You can paint some wooden or plastic rings for making the holders. You can even attach some artificial Indian corn, a bunch of grapes or turkey to enhance the look of the holder. Beautifully crafted old bangles embraced with sequins can also serve as holders.

Craft Ideas For Other Decorative Items

There are many more ideas available for arranging a fabulous holiday dinner. You can create some restaurant style lights and hang them above the centre table. You can simply use some straw basket, calico printed cloth or thin handmade paper for this purpose. Some holes can be designed on the materials for better projection of the lights. The kids can also make some posters or wall hangings according to the theme. You can even paint some candles or place them on scooped out fruits, vegetables, etc. and prepare a candle light dinner.

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