Handy Ideas For Halloween Party Food

Handy Halloween Food Confused and stressed about what to cook and serve this Halloween party? Are your kids expecting a lot from you for the creativity in the Halloween theme food? Just relax and spend all your time in planning for their costumes and decorations. The food is now just a matter of a click away as we give you a list of handy Halloween party food to make and please the entire family.

Your kids will be in top spirits on seeing the cool and unique ideas you have used in making food especially for them.

Ideas For Halloween Party Food

Glow In The Dark

Serving a welcome drink is a must for any party to relax the guests and get them into the party groove. However, Halloween party drinks will look unique if specially made as per the theme.

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So, use this trick to make drinks that will glow in the dark. You can plan on making any drink but it should have water in it. When you mix this water, replace a small quantity with tonic water. The properties of tonic water will make your drink glow in the dark and the kids will watch in admiration.

Bloody Potatoes

Instead of potato chips as party food, we have a new addition to the Halloween menu in the form of bloody potatoes. Take whole potatoes and boil them first. Then peel them off and slice a wedge from the front to make a mouth. Then fry the potatoes for taste.

Put some ketchup in the carved mouth to make it look like blood and use peeled and cut almonds to make the teeth. For the eyes you can use candy and press two in the potato. With the ketchup dripping from the mouth, the potatoes will indeed look bloody.

Pumpkin Bread

Cut a lot of bread in round shapes with the help of a sharp rim bowl. Take a slice and put apricot jam on one side and peanut butter on the other. Take another slice to make a sandwich with the peanut butter on the inside and apricot jam at the top.

pumpkin bread

Carve out the eyes, nose and mouth to make a jack-o-lantern on the sandwich and serve it to the kids. You can also put other fillings in the sandwiches to make them assorted; however, apricot jam is a must to make an orange pumpkin.

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Halloween Party Foods

Chicken Fingers

You make chicken fingers in the usual way you always do. However, instead of serving the dip alongside, dip the fingers in cheese and serve. Garnish with almonds at the tips of the fingers in the form of finger nails, inserting them well in the cheese to give a complete look. The entire effect will look creepy and will blend in with your Halloween theme.

Witch’s Hat And Broom

As important is a welcome drink, so also is dessert at any party. Buy some thin round shaped chocolates and kisses from Hershey’s and your hats are ready. Place the kisses on the chocolate circles with the tip at the top. You can use flavored icing to design the hat in any manner you want.

Chocolate Cupcakes

For the broom, take cookie dough and make the broom ends with it. Bake and insert pretzel sticks on one end. Use icing and chocolate cones to design the broom as well. When you serve these, the children will be awestruck at your superbly crazy Halloween party food.