5 Gypsy Wedding Reception Ideas

Gypsy Wedding Reception Ideas

If you are planning for themed wedding reception and searching for an interesting idea, then you have visited exactly the right place. Here you will learn about a popular wedding theme, which is a Gypsy wedding.

Gypsy Wedding Reception Ideas

The nomadic culture can be witnessed in different areas and people who follow this culture always attract others with their way of living. Now, you can bring on that theme to your wedding and make the reception party a night to remember for everyone.

Tips For Gypsy Wedding Reception

Diversity Of Gypsy-Themed Wedding Reception

There are several options to choose from when you have decided to go for a Gypsy wedding reception. You can make use of both contemporary and traditional elements of the culture to please your guests. Gypsies lead colorful and diverse life and you can incorporate this into your reception theme, which will entice your guests and your party will be a hit.


Gypsy Themed Menu

Food items must reflect the Gypsy culture. For example, the menu may include foodstuffs made of meat, fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, etc. You can have roasted meat or vegetable stew over a spitfire. Include beverage items such as beer, wine, spirits, flavored tea, coffee, etc.

Make sure that the silverware and the flatware are not matching each other, but the colorful aspect should be there. This will reflect Gypsy’s lifestylethat looks vibrant with no perfection.

Gypsy Themed Menu

Choose The Right Venue

Rather it is more important to get the setting right than choosing the venue. You can plan the reception at outdoors with the tents on. However, make sure that you can get loads of sunlight and natural views to maintain that authentic look. Sometimes, it may not be possible to host this occasion outdoor, then you can also opt for an indoor setting with loads of natural views and lots of supplement.

Choose The Right Venue

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Decoration Ideas For Gypsy Wedding

When you see a Gypsy guy or girl, first thing that catches your attention is their distinct style factor. They love wearing flashy jewelry items amid bright colors. Thus, you can announce the Gypsy styled wedding theme by mentioning flashy colors and jewelries so that your guests arrive at the venue with some preparation of the theme and the party becomes more enjoyable.

Apart from the guests, you should also provide a colorful ambienceto the setting of the party. For example, furniture like tables should be covered with bright colored clothes. Put some centerpieces and wall stones and spread jewels over those stuffs.

Decoration Ideas

Tarot Cards For Fortune Telling

This has been one of the common likings of the Gypsy wedding lawyers. You can arrange for palm reading of the guests or interpretation of tarot card reading for them. Gypsies have long being involved with tarot card reading and inclusion of this aspect will make the Gypsy wedding reception ideas solid.

While you follow these Gypsy wedding reception ideas, you need to make sure that you have got the basics right. For example, the quality of food and decoration impresses guests and it is the key to make your party a success.

Tarot Cards