8 Great Ideas For Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

Great Ideas For Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

Are you looking for some simple, yet affordable ways to host a baby shower? Relax; you can make decorations that are just as fancy as the ones available at expensive stores.

With some planning, lots of creativity and help from your local dollar and craft stores, you can turn your baby shower into a success without breaking the bank.

Here are some cheap baby shower decoration ideas that are not only stylish and easy to make, but also find practical use, especially for the soon-to-be mother.

Ideas For Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

1. Useful And Practical Decorations

Why not decorate the baby shower with things that the mom-to-be can use for herself or the baby? A great idea for decor is to fill a Moses basket with rattles, blankets, pacifiers, diapers and more baby gear. You can place the basket as a center piece and keep some rubber duckies around it. You can also place similar baskets around the room or leave a big empty basket or a large decorated tub in a corner of the room for guest to put their gifts in. Decorate the place with balloons.

Useful And Practical Decorations

2. Around The Party Area

Fill glass jars with pastel-colored candies – if you have the time, buy blue ones for boys, pink for girls and yellow for yet-to-determine; or you mix them all for a more colorful look. Remember to buy the candies in bulk as you tend to save more bucks.

Have some fun and pack rattles, socks and other small baby items in colorful egg cartons. Leave them on tables, chairs and other furniture around the room. You can even leave diaper babies around the room! Here’s how – roll up a diaper, wrap it in a baby washcloth, add a baby cap on top and place a couple of stickers for the eyes.

 Around The Party Area

3. Decorative Clotheslines

Here is another practical idea – avoid the streamers and hang a clothesline with bibs, baby socks, pajama suits, onesies, teethers and other baby items attached to it. You can put up another clothesline with diapers hanging from it and use markers to spell out words like “congratulations” or “baby time” on them.

Decorative Clotheslines

4. Wall Hangings

You can design your own baby shower banner by printing out baby-related motifs or sayings on colored paper. Cut out cartoon characters and glue them to your banner. You can then connect the papers and hang them from a string. You can even design a banner to suit the baby’s nursery. Pomander balls are easy to make and make for great wall hangings. You can get creative and make them in various designs on the balls.

Sit down to make some paper puffs – not only are they cheap, but are also really easy to make. Besides, they leave a great impact when hung from the ceiling. And the supplies are right around home – tissue paper, pipe cleaners, a fishing line for hanging and a pair of scissors. Make your puffs fuller by using more layers.

Wall Hangings

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5. Entrance And Banisters

Drape little white lights from the entrance and banisters. These lights will make an evening baby shower look like a magical affair. You can also hang some balloons that are shaped to look like pacifiers.

Entrance And Banisters

6. Flowers

Flowers can liven up any space very quickly. Head to your local florist and pick up some low-priced flowers like chrysanthemums or daisies. For decorating the baby shower with flowers, you don’t have to buy fancy vases.

Just buy some baby bottles from your local thrift store, remove the cover and place your flowers inside the bottle. You can even tie a small ribbon around the nipple ring of the bottle to add to the visual impact. Another idea is to make flowers from tissue papers – you don’t have to worry about the flowers dying out and you can also reuse them.


7. Bouquets

Add this useful idea to your shower decoration – make bouquets out of baby washcloths. You can mix yellow and blue or yellow and pink washcloths, wrap gift wrappers around them and finish it off with bows to look like cute bouquets.


8. Decorating The Table

You can purchase coordinated dinnerware from a party supply store. There are some stores that even offer inexpensive dinnerware specifically designed for baby showers. A popular table decorating idea is to make cakes from diapers.

Place the diapers in the formation that you wish, wrap colored paper around them and decorate with pacifiers, bibs, rattles and baby toys. This is a great takeaway for the mother. Round up the table decor by placing some colorful receiving blankets over the tablecloths on the buffet table and sprinkle some confetti around.

Decorating The Table

Use these cheap and baby shower decoration ideas and not only will you save more money and throw a beautiful baby shower, but also make one mom-to-be very happy!