Great Easter Basket Ideas For All

easter basket Easter basket ideas stem from the tradition, which started way back 15th century in Germany, when little children would place their hats and bonnets outside the main door of house, in the anticipation of receiving colorful eggs. Now the concept has grown and encompasses not just the kids, but adults as well.

In fact, the very concept of egg basket has gone to the next level, to contain gift items. If you too are basking in the festivities of Easter and planning to gift some Easter baskets, to your loved ones, then maybe you should consider some great ideas. Check these out and see if your near and dear ones, fit into the category of such gifts.

Easter Basket Ideas For All

A Pampering Beauty Basket For The Beauty Conscious

If you have a family member, a relative or a friend, who is simple in awe of himself/herself, then this gift basket, will be a great idea. Fill the basket with spa like products, which will help him/her to groom.

product basket

Get a pedicure, manicure set, scented candles, along with some shower gels, body scrubs, body lotions and shampoos, to pamper. If a girl, then adding beauty cosmetics like nail colors and lip colors would be great!

Basket For The Movie Buff

Movie lovers swear by their favorites as well as the new ones. Gifting a gift basket, which stocks almost all of their favorite films, CD’s and DVD’s will be a great idea for a movie buff.


Also bring in some popcorn, to create that movie watching experience. You can also add some movie magazines for the passionate movie follower.

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The Foodie’s Basket Is All About Food

Whether it’s a foodie or a chef, in the making, in the family, this gift basket would serve his/her purpose well. Let the gift basket be a plethora of goodies, which he/she won’t be able to take his eyes from.

foodie basket

Get a beautiful recipe book for the chef, or the foodie, who too loves to cook, and stock in some choicest chocolates, cheese, crackers, pasta, cookies, cakes, candies, chips, nachos etc. The choice should more or less be the taste of the gift receiver, so that he/she enjoys the gift and feels elated about the festival.

The Tea Connoisseur Can Choose From A Plentiful Tea Tasting Bags

For a tea taster or connoisseur, or even for that matter, the coffee lover, create a gift basket, which consists of his/her love. Get different flavored teas like jasmine, chamomile, earl grey, lemon, tulsi, strawberry green tea etc. to create that flavorsome gift basket for the tea lover. For the coffee lover the same goes, but with a variety of coffee beans and types. You can also add a cute coffee mug or a fancy cup and saucer to match with the hamper. Don’t forget to add the bottle of honey or flavor some sugar cubes to go with.

Easter is all about gifts, so why not make it a little special by way of creating that special gift basket, which will satiate the needs and desires of the recipient. Try these gift baskets and let your loved ones, feel grateful to you about your choice of gifts!