5 Great Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower

Have you been given charge of the decoration in a baby shower? Are you sitting and wondering how to decorate the place so that it will look pretty and will also be liked by everyone. Here are a few tips to help you out and make the occasion a hit. I am sure with these tips the joy that surrounds the celebration of the arrival of a new life would increase even more.

Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower

Unique Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower


Make a paper flower and stick the invite on the stem of it or maybe even write out the invite on its green paper leaf. Make flowers out of balloons and hang them from the ceiling. Decorate the walls with flowers of different colors made from streamers. Make a flower cake too! For the table decorations use wild orchids in vases and for each of the guest, hand them a box of flower shaped cookies of different flavors.

Flowers Decorating Ideas


Take empty shampoo bottles or even soap boxes and put the invitation card inside it.  Decorate the place with soap, shampoo, body lotion, bath wash pictures. You could use pictures of babies using them (babes of your friends).

Make the cake in the shape of these bottles too – butterscotch shampoo bottle, pistachio bath wash bottle, vanilla soap cakes etc. Hand over a toiletry goodie bag to your friends as well – some for them to use and some for their kids. You could go a step further and even decorate the table with vases made out of empty shampoo and bath wash bottles. Paint them if you want them to look prettier!

Toiletries Decorating Ideas


Take a burp towel and stick a piece of paper on it and write on it for the invitation cards. Hang baby clothes on the walls – bibs towels nappies clothes etc from the ceiling. Make them from pieces of paper, ribbons and scrap cloth. You could even decorate them with clothes pins or even use hangers to do so. Maybe even use diapers (unused) to write out baby shower at the entrance. Make a cake that looks like a crawling baby wearing a nappy and a pacifier in his mouth! Decorate the tables and food counters with used baby blankets taken from other mommies. For gifts, give the guests clothes etc for their kids.

Clothes Decorating Ideas

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Write out the invites on the first sheet of a drawing book and doodle all around it with crayons. Decorate the ceiling and the walls with different toys – if it’s a boy concentrate more on cars and for a girl more on soft toys.

Don’t miss out on the rattles! You could have a cake that looks like a box with lots of toys spilling out of it. Use baby books as the center piece decoration on the tables. For return gifts give small crystal teddies or even small soft toy teddies which can be kept in a showcase.

Toys Decorating Ideas

Baby Food

The one thing that comes to mind for baby food is milk. Followed by mashed fruits and vegetables! But even these can make a wonderful baby shower. Cut out thick white paper in the shape of milk bottles and make invites out of them. Decorate the place with balloons and streamers shaped as milk bottles, fruits, vegetables etc. Have food like milkshakes, fruit punch, vegetable cutlets, soups etc. Make a cake resembling a bowl of mashed gooey baby food. You could have an ice cream cake for this one. For return gifts, give away boxes of sweets and toffees and marshmallows shaped like different fruits and vegetables.

Baby Food Decorating Ideas