6 Goodbye Gifts Ideas For Teachers

 Goodbye Gifts Ideas For Teachers

Life is all about saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, at some time or the other we have to part ways, temporarily or permanently with everyone in our lives. Teachers are no exception, it could be the end of the school year, the end of junior school, or middle or senior, or finally just leaving school altogether. 

Of course at each stage there are goodbyes to be said, even if it’s just a move from one class to the next, the radius of interaction changes in the sphere of relationships. Suddenly ones class teacher is no longer there, a new one has replaced her. Similarly new headmistresses, new principals, all these teachers come and go in the ebb and flow of school life. Or college life.

Goodbye Gifts Ideas For Teachers

1. Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are occasions for creating memories. Something to hold together and encapsulate all the other memories of the relationship, because beginnings can be nebulous things lost in the haze of time. Goodbyes are very often conscious and definite. Occasions of joy and sorrow, celebration and nostalgia.

Goodbye gifts should be commensurate with the nature of the relationship and the level of finality attached to the goodbye. Usually, an end of term goodbye, when you’re moving up into a higher class would mean a not very expensive perhaps even homemade gift, as a token of appreciation. A really big thank you for the year that has been.

 Saying Goodbye

While goodbyes such as end of term, end of school and the like, come with predictable and clockwork precision. When the time will come for a teacher to bid good-bye to an institution is not quite so precise but it is certainly predictable. The farewell and the goodbye gift in these cases depend entirely on the length of the teacher’s association with the school, and their popularity.

For these occasions are like shooting stars, here now gone a very brief while later, and with no calendar prediction as to when the next will occur. Perhaps one of the greatest goodbye gifts for a teacher who’s leaving is a rousing send-off. As the warmth and enthusiasm of the good-bye, may perhaps be an everlasting gift of abiding memory.

2. Gift Ideas

Such gifts can vary from key chains to homemade bookmarks, a cake baked at home, a pretty pen. The list is endless. While flowers are suitable for many other occasions, for an end of the year farewell party they are not such a great idea as a good bye gift for the teacher, unless they are one of the many small gifts that make up the complete package.

The choice to give a gift, to a teacher in the first place, is supposedly an individual choice. One may choose what and how much, and whether at all to give. However, sometimes if there is a team effort by the entire class to put together a farewell party for their teachers then one may have to pull ones weight, irrespective of personal inclinations.

Gift Ideas

3. Gift A Party

A nice goodbye gift for a popular teacher can be a class party, where all the children contribute the food and the cold drinks and also pool together resources to buy a nice gift for their class teacher. At such levels it might be quite appropriate to pick up a folder, letter paper, or even a desk set.

It is advisable when giving gifts to teachers, to check back the policy of the school in this regard. Some schools are really quite strict on the kind of gifts that can be given to the teachers and have a lot of restrictions on the monetary value as well.

 Gift A Party

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Not being aware of these rules may end up in having to return the gift. In one school, traditionally when you graduated out of the institution the teachers of your last year or two, who had contributed the most directly to your success in the school leaving examination would be presented a shawl as a mark of respect by the outgoing students. This is a practice that many institutions tend to follow, when the teacher is leaving them for good. Whether on account of retirement or resignation.

4. Gifting An Individual Gift

Sometimes, one may build a rapport with a teacher that is quite individual and personal. A relationship that goes beyond the ordinary student teacher interaction. These highly personal relationships justify the personalization of the gift that accompanies a change in the status quo, that is tantamount to a goodbye. In these cases the gift reflects the relationship and definitely moves out of the radius of the school as it has nothing to do with a class effort, school policies on gifts but transcends beyond.

These kind of gifts, are defined by the relationship. They can be expensive, individualistic and most definitely an expression of the bond between a teacher and a student. In such cases the sky is the limit, as this relationship will transmute, into one of former teacher and former student, perhaps for a long journey ahead.

Gifting An Individual Gift

5. Gift Shops

In today’s world of commercialization of emotion and the easy fix solutions, there are gift stores that specialize in useless or useful memorabilia. Step through the swinging doors, and one can find a dazzling array of attractive, alluring gifts in the well lit and comfortable precincts. It might perhaps be accurate to say, that one would be spoilt for choice, from unbelievably low prices to the more expensive. These stores are a boon for anyone who does not wish to expend too much time or thought into planning a farewell gift for a teacher. For the lazy, it will even categorize gifts and cards, all one has to do is to decide a budget and reach out and pick what is the most suitable within the price range.

Gift Shops

6. Farewell

The rules of ‘the farewell gift to teachers’ game vary from person to person and depend upon a variety of factors such as whether one is toeing the institutional line, or deciding to treat the relationship outside the institution;


whether it is a team effort or an individual one; whether its the student saying goodbye or the teacher.