Gift Ideas For A 70-Year Old Lady

Gift Ideas For A 70-Year Old Lady

Reaching the age of 70 is an important milestone in one’s life. A 70-year-old woman has experienced a lot of things in life. This is the time she may be pondering over what she has received from life and what else life has in store for her.

She could be your grandmother, your mother, your neighbour, your teacher or some acquaintance. And you may want to get a gift for her birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just as a gesture to appreciate her valued presence in the family for so many years.

As women get older and retire from paid jobs, what really motivates them is taking up a new hobby, learning to operate a new gadget, some health routines, to have their family, friends and near and dear ones around. At this age, the love, care and affection from those she has devoted her life for, may be more important to her than any worldly gift. So here are some gift ideas for a lady over seventy.

Gift Ideas For A 70-Year Old Lady

1. Social Activity

If the senior is active, agile and loves going to the club or meeting up friends, organise a tea party at her club, dinner with the family, picnic with children at the park or at the beach etc. Do not chalk out too strenuous activities for her as it may make her tired. And also do not push her too much into any physical activity, keeping her age and stamina in mind. She may just love to sit around and watch you all playing or just take part in the conversation with the grandchildren.

Social Activity

2. New Lessons

The body of most of today’s generation of seniors may succumb to old age but their spirit is high. So your grandma may love to learn a new thing. Take some time out to teach her how to operate the computer or the mobile phone. She would love it as it would enable her to keep in touch with her friends, children and grandchildren through emails, SMS and Skype. Even a Facebook account will herald a new beginning in her life by enabling her to keep in touch with others and being occupied for some time.

New Lessons

3. Exercise Time

Everyone needs to exercise to keep themselves healthy. And as one gets older, it becomes more necessary but at the same time the body and the bones need more support. Either take her for a gentle walk or if her stamina permits, gift her some exercise tools that are appropriate for her age. Carefully choose the equipment that will address her specific needs, prevent injury and will also be easy to operate.

Exercise Time

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To go with this, you may buy her comfortable workout pants, shorts, jeans or capris and shoes for her exercise regime. A walking stick, exercise or yoga mat, swimming costumes, sunscreen lotions, sunhat, beach bags, crocs etc are other gift options for her. You may even get her a membership for a gym or get her enrolled for yoga or Tai Chi classes.

4. Nail Treatment

At seventy, she may not be interested in fashionable attires and cosmetics. But yes, she may enjoy a manicure or pedicure session. But instead of just gifting her a manicure set, it would be more thoughtful to present her a nail care session itself.  In the old age, the skin is delicate and the nails are brittle.  So either you do it yourself  or take her to a salon that has special facility for elders.

Nail Treatment