Gear Up For Some Traditional Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving does not just mean a huge platter of sausages or the traditional roast turkey, served with cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving has a host of other traditional delicious and sinful recipes under its sleeve.

If getting the turkey done is not your forte, then you can take a pick from something else, which is easy, yet delicious and not to mention equally traditional as the turkey! Let’s see what all you can have when you are all geared up to host that sumptuous thanksgiving feast for your guests!

Top Traditional Thanksgiving Food

Mashed Potatoes With Some Greens Look Cool

This is a simple dish, yet does splendid on both your plate as well as in your stomach. The best part is that it’s so light that your guests will lose track of how much they have eaten.

Mashed potatoes with some greens look cool

Dress it up with some chopped greens, garlic , cheese and that extra strip of bacon to do that extra jazzy job for thanksgiving food fare!

Ham Is Still A Hot Favorite Of Many

Not many people fancy turkey. If you feel it’s a tad bit traditional and conservative, and then it’s time to use something else, which is relished with that much spirit. Smoked ham or a spiral glazed slice of ham looks visually appealing and does wonders to the taste buds of the guests. Just serve it with some Dijon sauce to make it work in favor of the festival.

Pumpkin Pie Is Traditional And Delicious

Pumpkin pie is traditional and delicious

This is another dish that sets a thanksgiving table on fire. Well, not literally but metaphorically yes. Made with the sweet vegetable, the crumbly texture of the crust along with the deliciously sweetened pumpkin filling of the pie, brings in a lot of delectable memories in the mouth. It’s traditional and does great to go with the thanksgiving table décor!

Dinner Rolls Are Simple Food Yet Very Effectual

These might look a tad bit simple for a thanksgiving fare, but it isn’t just the dinner rolls. When these are served with some good quality ham or some cranberry sauce, then its importance or simplicity goes manifolds to create something delectable for a thanksgiving dinner. After all, breads remain an integral part of a thanksgiving dinner! Isn’t it?

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Bean Green Casserole

Bean green casserole

For all the vegetarians, this meal brings on a lot of fond memories in association with the festival. A casserole baked with the goodness of beans, amidst all the non-vegetarian food chaos, looks simple, exquisite and a lot better than anything.

Squash Soup Is A Good Entrant Too

Smothering those heavy dinner meals like ham or turkey can be difficult. However, if simple foods like squash soup are accompanied along with the dinner rolls, it becomes just easy to balance out the palate and relish a heavy thanksgiving meal. This is a traditional soup and is often served right ahead of a thanksgiving meal to enjoy a good start!

Thanksgiving, like any other festival brings in warm memories of food, so incorporating the right kinds of traditional food is important. This will help your guests enjoy the festival and have a good time as well! Just remember to serve the traditional food fare, like the ones mentioned above, to ignite that feeling or spirit of the festival.