8 Games For Kids Birthday Party

8 Games For Kids Birthday Party

A birthday party is a fun place to be for all the kids. It is an excellent excuse for them to let go of the restrictions imposed on them. They dance, scream, binge on delicious food, run around and do everything they wish to do. But there can be a lot more to a party than just good food and music. There are numerous games which can be introduced in a party for the kids. They not only help in retaining the interest of kids but also prevent them from wrecking havoc with their naughty acts. Some of the interesting picks are mentioned below.

Ideas For Birthday Party Games

1. Musical Chairs

It is a wonderful game not only enjoyed by kids but also adults. It requires a set up of a few chairs which keep getting reduced one by one every time the music stops.The last man sitting on the chair is the winner of the game.

Musical Chairs

2. Pass The Parcel

It is one of the most interesting indoor games consisting of a few players. They pass a toy or a pillow one by one to each other. The person who has the toy when the music stops suddenly goes out of the game but not before being punished. Players keep getting eliminated until the last player remaining is announced as the winner.

Pass The Parcel

3. Dumb Charades

Although a team game, but it is a super fun activity as well. Two teams are divided and each team is required to guess the name of the movie or character given by the opposite team but enacted by its own team player.The player enacting is not allowed to utter a single word during the act. Thoroughly enjoyed by kids, dumb charades is an exciting game requiring wits as well.

Dumb Charades

4. Fun Quiz

An interesting quiz contest based on movies, sports or cartoons can be played with the kids. The winning team can be awarded with exciting gifts.

Fun Quiz

5. Lucky Draw

A lucky draw is a game that can be played simultaneously with many events. A lucky winner can be announced regularly on the basis of draw of lots.This will keep the kids interested throughout the event. A winner of any other event can also be asked to pick the lucky name as his/her reward.

 Lucky Draw

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6. Talent Contest

A talent contest can be played for kids where they can be encouraged to present any poem, dance, song or any act of their choice. Instead of declaring winners, all the kids can be given presents as a token of appreciation.

Talent Contest

7. Tongue-Twister

Little kids blabbering tongue-twisters is not only a very cute sight but also an interesting game. They can be made to speak out cute and simple tongue twisters and the kids who come close to being correct can be showered with nice presents.


8. Little Activities

Numerous small activities can be organised for the kids such as arm-wrestling, ball juggling, aiming-the-target and many more.

Little Activities

These were a few games that can be included in a kid’s birthday party to make it all the more happening. So, pick up a pen and a piece of paper and start making notes on how you can spice up your kid’s birthday party.