4 Funny Christmas Card Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Laugh

Christmas Card Ideas

Funny Christmas Card Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Laugh

Each year, you send your loved ones Christmas cards to greet them. This year, why not make it more special by making your own Christmas cards. You and your family can have your picture taken and then used as a Christmas card.

To make it even more special, you can send your loved ones a funny Christmas card. Something that will make them laugh out loud after they receive your Christmas card in the mail.

Funny Chistmas Card Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Laugh

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts For Funny Chistmas Card

Christmas gifts are great for funny Christmas card ideas because they are very easy to make. All you need to do before your photo is taken for the Christmas card is to make large boxes for the Christmas gifts. It should be large enough for you to stand or sit inside.

If you have small kids then you can make smaller boxes for them. Be sure to make one gift for each family member. For the funny Christmas card pictorial, each family member will stand or sit inside the gift.

You can make silly faces and try to make your photo as funny as possible. You can also wear huge bows on your head or wrap some ribbon around your body for the pictorial.

Funny Santa Card

One of the really funny Christmas card ideas that you can do is to dress up as Santa Clause. You can buy your Santa Clause costume just about anywhere. What makes this even funnier is if you dress your dog as a reindeer. You can place a reindeer head band on your dog’s head to make him appear like he has antlers like that of a reindeer.

Funny Santa Card For Chistmas

You can wear skates or roller blades, carry a sack of presents on your back and then have your dog pull you for the pictorial. Your loved ones will surely find this hilarious and appreciate the effort that you put in to create a personalized funny Christmas card.

Santa Clause And Family

A funny photo that you can use for your funny Christmas card ideas is one where the dad dresses up as Santa Clause and the mom dresses up as Mrs. Clause. The children can dress up as elves or little Santa minus the beard.

You can use the chimney as the background for this photo. You can just write a few funny lines at the back of the photo and you have yourself a funny Christmas card that you can send to your loved ones all over the world.

Santa Clause And Family

Movie Inspired

One of the popular funny Christmas card ideas is to use photos inspired by famous Christmas movies. Each family member can dress up as a character of that movie.

Movie Inspired For Funny Chistmas Card

For example, you can use the movie “The Grinch” as an inspiration for your funny Christmas card. You can have your Christmas card photo taken with the dad painted in green and dressed up as The Grinch. Other family members can dress up as other characters of the movie.

Funny Chistmas Card Ideas