3 Fun Ways To Celebrate A 15th Birthday

Fun Ways To Celebrate A 15th Birthday

A teenager’s entry into the 15th year marks a special epoch, and for Latin American women the 15th birthday or the Quinceañera, is as special as the 16th birthday for it celebrates the change from childhood to adulthood.

Fun Ways To Celebrate A 15th Birthday

There are many ways in which you can celebrate this happy occasion. Here are some of the most ideal and commonly used 15th birthday party themes to help you choose and plan a memorable party.

Fun Ways To Celebrate A 15th Birthday

Host A 15th Birthday Themed Hawaiian Luau

A luau party is the best choice, if you are looking for a 15th birthday party theme that is fun and at the same time not too heavy on your pocket. It is also the perfect theme for hosting a large scale party for a troop of ten to twenty teens. You can purchase invitations and other luau birthday supplies at a reasonable price from online stores like Zazzle, Etsy and eBay. Zazzle has some very cute and colorful invites for a luau themed birthday. You can also have a good deal of fun making your own using colorful cardstock and flower stickers.

Use items like leis, fake tropical flowers, colorful balloons and streamers and real hay, grass or straw to decorate the birthday venue. You can also use leis and raffia grass skirts as favors for your teen guests. For the 15th birthday themed luau you will also need to plan a suitable and age appropriate menu.

Include a fruit platter comprised of tropical fruits like pineapples, papaya and passion fruit and you can also serve traditional Kalua pork. Hawaiian cocktails can be substituted with fruit punch made with tropical fruits.

Hawaiian Luau

Have A 15th Birthday Themed Slumber Party With A Fun Twist

Slumber parties are always a lot of fun and can be made even more enjoyable by including some fun activities. Moreover, decorations can be minimal for this theme so you it can save you money.  It is important to stock up on a lot of junk food like burgers, pizza, chips with tangy or cheesy dips and soda.

For teen girls a spa themed slumber party would be a good idea. Guests can be requested to bring their own sleeping bags and toiletries for the party. For favors, you can either give your guests spa themed gift baskets or goodie bags.

Amazon has very nice spa themed favor bags in pink filled with spa goodies, and there are also cute pairs of pink spa slippers which can be purchased separately. Invitations and other supplies for this fun theme can be purchased at online stores like Zazzle.

Slumber Party

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For boys you can host a gaming themed slumber party. Install a nice gaming set-up in a large room for popular games like guitar hero, network a number of computers and laptops for an all-night MMORPG gaming session, or install gaming consoles for games like Wii games.

You might have to rent a few computers or you could ask your guests to bring their own gaming laptops or PlayStations. You can fill gift baskets with games, game magazines, posters and more for your guests.

Other fun ways to celebrate a 15th birthday include having a ‘Murder Mystery’ themed party or a ‘Whodunit’ party, where a guest is selected to be the ‘murderer’ and the others are given clues to solve the ‘murder’ by a given time. These themes can also be fairly inexpensive in the way of decorations and other supplies.

Making your own decorations is a good idea as you can have fun creating your own ‘crime scene’ using things from your attic and lots of cardstock. Once again plenty of healthy snacks, finger foods or junk food, smoothies and fruit punch, are important.

Gift Baskets