3 Fun Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Fun Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Planning teenage birthday parties are just as much fun as attending them. But there’s a whole lot of work that goes into making one a success. The best place to start is by sitting down with your family and close friends and threshing out the most fun teenage birthday party ideas you can come up with.Tips to Plan A Fun Teenage Birthday Party

Wacky Masquerade Party

Wacky Masquerade Party

Kids and teenagers alike love getting dressed up and what better way to bring in a little fun than with a whole bunch of wackily dressed teens. Make homemade masks as invitations out of black, white and red card. If you can’t draw too well, rope in a friend or use a store bought stencil. You can pick it up at an art and craft shop.

For decorations, use plenty of colorful paper streamers and as many balloons as you can manage. Draw a large jester’s mask on cardboard, paint in the same colors as those on your invitation and hang it on the wall. You can also make 20-25 hand sized masks in your chosen party colors and hang them from the ceiling.

Organize a few fun games to keep everyone involved. For refreshments, serve up cookies in wacky shapes and cupcakes with lots of sprinkles. Get everyone on the dance floor and ask them to do the wackiest steps they can think of.

Groovy Dance Party

What would a party be without dancing! And what better theme to have for your teen’s birthday party. Make it unique by having either a ’20s or ’50s or ’70s style dance party. That will give all the teenagers a chance to dress up in some groovy clothes.

Be sure to do your creative best for the invitations. Use two different sets of colored card, one for the girls and one for the boys. Draw some funky stick figures dancing and stick on some shiny gems or coat with glitter.

Glitter is definitely the way to go for your dance party theme. To make some shimmery decorations, buy a few sheets of thermocol and lots of sachets of different colored glitter. One great way to get a uniform set of decorations is to make stencils out of cardboard.

Draw out the shape of a star, a moon and a lightning bolt. Using the stencils, trace the outline on to a sheet of thermocol and cut out the shape with a sharp blade. Next, coat the thermocol cut-out with glue and evenly sprinkle the glitter on it.

Allow to dry and then hang up where ever you want. Turn DJ for the party and spin all your teenager’s favorite tunes to get them up and dancing.

Groovy Dance Party

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Bollywood/Hollywood Themed Party

Everyone loves the movies. You can host a swinging bash with the most amazing decorations. Pasting movie posters all over the place would be a great way to get into the spirit of things. Ask all your guests to dress up as their favorite movie stars/characters. The teens will have a lot of fun looking out for their friends.

In fact, you can play a guessing game where you split the crowd into 4-5 groups and have them guess which movie star or character they have come as. What is Hollywood or Bollywood without glitter.

You can use the instructions from the dance party idea to make cool shimmery thermocol cut-outs. Go as creative with your refreshments as you can afford. Indian style sweets or ice cream cake would be a hit with the guests.

Hollywood Themed Party