5 Fun Christmas Games For Adults

 Fun Christmas Games For Adults

Christmas is a time when family members and friends get together and rejoice with food and gifts. Christmas is a time when the youngsters, kids and adults look forward to celebrate and enjoy. In fact, it is a chance for the grown-ups to bring out the kids in them.

Christmas party games not only provide entertainment, but also enable you to make the most out of your daily routine at Christmas parties. There are many adult Christmas games to engage in. Here are a few fun Christmas games you can organize this year.

Fun Christmas Games For Adults

1. Object Drawing With Instructions

Two adults make a pair for this game. They sit facing each other in the opposite direction. One of them is given an object that is related to Christmas in some way. It could be an ornament, a wrapped gift or even a candy cane. The partner holding object then instructs the other to draw the image.

The other partner has to draw according to the instructions and needs to recognize the object. It is utter fun when the other partner is actually drawing the picture.

object Drawing With Instructions

2. Two Truths And A Lie

The term “Two Truths and a Lie” stands for mentioning two true statements and a false one. The player has to make three such statements. The other guests who listen to those have to guess which one of the three is false account.

Two Truths And A Lie

This game is related mainly to Christmas gifts, in fact awful Christmas gifts. Two gifts, according to that person are nasty and he adds one more to the list that never truly existed. You can create your own version of the game by telling one truth and two lies.

3. Name Of The Tune

The tune is the name of the game. It is fun filled game where all the guests are divided in two equal groups. However, prior to starting the game, you have to pen down as many carols as you can. Write them on separate cards.

A member of team will come forward and hum the song after reading the title. First it will be his teammates who will try to recognize the song. If they fail to do so, the opposite team can grab a point by guessing correctly.

Name Of The Tune

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4. Crazy Communication

Crazy Communication is another game that depends on communication as in drawing objects. Crazy Communication is a simple game that is played especially with couples. A couple sits down with back facing each other. They are given trays with some objects.

These objects are mostly related to Christmas. One of the team members has to describe where each individual item is placed on the tray. The other member will try to arrange the item at exactly the same place as described.

Crazy Communication

5. Childhood Memories

Going down the memory lane is another good game for the adults. The guests are asked to bring photos of themselves as a child during the Christmas days. You can have the pictures with Santa Claus, or while opening the gifts or even with the X-mas tree.

Childhood Memories

As the game progresses, everyone gets an opportunity to tell who are in the photographs. The answers are noted down. The person who identifies correctly the most number of times, is chosen as the winner.