4 Fun Birthday Party Activities For Children

Birthday Party Activities

Parties are fun, aren’t they? There is music, laughter, good food, decorations and everyone gay and happy, enjoying themselves. And if I say children’s party, it becomes more amazing and enjoyable. Nothing can beat the delight of having a children’s party at home. Kids are innocent souls who aren’t bothered about pointless gossips and the latest fashion or trends. They just believe in having a good time and hence it is very important to ensure that.

Birthday Party Activities

Children will not bother about the food you have on menu or the decorations that you probably have spent hours doing. They just want to have fun. Trust me planning a party for children can prove to be quite challenging. It takes a lot of planning and thinking and no matter how well a host you have been, when you are the host of a children’s party you have to be on your toes to get everything right.

Children get bored easily and it becomes difficult to hold their attention. It is also very important to keep them busy in a fun way during the party. If that is not done, kids can come up with not so pleasant ways of having fun which you might not approve of. Don’t be surprised of bursting balloons and pulling down of the decorations or little cake fights and spilling of the soft drinks.

Children are just so full of energy that channelizing it in the correct manner becomes important. Hence, to have a super hit party with no such distractions; one has to be careful of planning a party with lot of fun activities for children. Some ideas that will help you to have a great party for your child and his/her friends are:

Ideas For Birthday Party Activities

The ‘Abra Ca Dabra’ Show

All children simply love magic show. They are simply awed by the tricks performed and are intrigued to know how these tricks are performed. Calling a magician to grace the party thus becomes a great idea. It is a fantastic way of grabbing the attention of these young, curious minds and it is largely enjoyed. It will be delightful to see them participating in the tricks and they will love it too when a few tricks are played on them.

Abra Ca Dabra

Pirates On A Big ‘Treasure Hunt’

Planning a treasure hunt for kids can be an amazing idea and the kids will love it. You can divide the entire group of kids into smaller sub groups and make teams. You could name the teams as colors like Red team, Blue team or you could also name them as animals like the Tiger team and Lion team. Decide what works with the mood of the party and accordingly give them names. After that each team is given clues and they have to hunt for the treasure.

Depending on the amount of time you want to spend on this activity the number of clues can be decided. The treasure hunt could be as long as 10-15 steps or could be wrapped up in 3-5 steps. Make sure the clues are interesting but simple. The kids should have a lot of fun while solving this puzzle. For the treasure you can actually have a small chest made and fill it up with lot of goodies for children.

This compliments the activity and even the kids will be absolutely delighted to have the treasure. Make sure you have one chest of treasure for all the children on that team. You definitely do not want the kids to be arguing in the end. Nothing can be more challenging to settle an argument between kids, if you know what I mean.

Treasure Hunt

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Being ‘Cool’ With Tattoos

Such is the craze of tattoos these days that even the kids do not remain untouched by it. Tattoos are a rage and so ‘cool’ and ‘hep’, thus having a tattoo parlour will be a lot of fun. You can rest assure that there will be a queue at this parlour and kids will really enjoy showing off their tattoos.

Call a tattoo artist and a face painting artist and make sure they use hygienic and clean colours. Even check the ink they use for tattoos. There are different tattoo inks for children and these are not permanent tattoos. They can be easily washed off. After a fun evening at the party, parents can easily get rid of these paints and inks.

Do not forget to take a lot of pictures for your collection and also to share it with other parents. You can also have a professional photographer who can take some real creative shots of the kids in the party and also ask them to pose in a rather cute way. This will be enjoyed by the kids a lot. They simply love to pose for the camera and you will be really happy when you see some real good shots of the party. Sharing this with the kids and their parents will also get you a few bonus points of appreciation.

Being ‘Cool’ With Tattoos

Their Best At Creativity

Believe it or not, kids are more creative than we can imagine. Plan something that will give them a chance to display their skills. Hold simple competitions like card making, painting, craft or ‘best of waste’. Give them each a bag full of some items and ask them to come up with the most creative thing they can.

Keep simple things that they can work on. Make sure all the kids have the same stuff so that they do not have complaints later. They can make a card and gifts for the birthday boy/girl. Let the birthday boy/girl decide who is the most creative. You could even have dance competitions or a simple karaoke if you do not want to have a competition. Karaoke will also be enjoyed by the kids a lot and your party hall will be filled with squeals of laughter.

Games are the usual things kept for children at parties. Add these few fun activities to make your party interesting and enjoyable for the kids. It helps in proper time management and the whole party will be filled with lots of activities for children thus not giving them a chance to get bored. Let the good times roll!

Their Best At Creativity