4 Fun Birthday Games For Kids

Fun Birthday Games For Kids

It’s your kiddie birthday party and you are super duper excited as your bundle of joy is gearing upto celebrate his/her birthday in style! Aren’t you? Of course you are. It is going to be a fun day and there is so much to plan and prepare for as you want the party to be enjoyable not only for your child but for his/her friends who will come to make the day wonderful and memorable.

From decorations to the theme, food to the birthday cake, everything demands your personal attention. In midst of this as you come across the most important aspect which is the fun zone, here’s to help you pick up some great games for your child’s party.

Top 4 Games To Pep Up Your Child’s Party

1. Bring The Color

It is a total fun game to get the kids enjoying as they run around the venue in hunt of colors. To play this game, in a bowl have chits of colour names like red, green, yellow, pink and many more. Now as the kids gather together, call out one color and ask them to get all the things with the same color that are present at the party venue.

So for example if you call out the color red, the kids can get red balloons, flowers, birthday caps or any piece of birthday decorations. Make sure that the colors you write down are abundantly and easily gettable at the venue. The winner is easily declared as the one who brings the maximum objects of the color in the given duration of time.

Bring The Color

2. Who wants A Fruit salad?

Isn’t it amazing when you can get the kids to play a game and at the same time get them to learn and remember something? This is exactly what this game can achieve. It is enjoyable and kids will love the excitement and commotion which will be enhanced with their giggles and chatter. Ask the kids to form a circle and sit on the chairs.

Now choose 4-5 fruits depending on the number of kids and then allot a fruit to each child. So if you choose fruits like apple, orange, mango and banana, the first four kids will be allotted those fruits and then it will be alternatively repeated till every child in the circle has a fruit given to him/her.

 Who wants A Fruit salad?

Now the host calls out any one fruit and all the kids that are allotted with the same fruit have to get up and interchange their place while one of the chairs is taken out from the circle so that one kid is left without a chair.

He/she thus get eliminated from the game. When the host announces ‘Fruit salad’ everybody has to get up and interchange their places and many chairs can be removed. The last one to survive the game being seated on the chair is the winner.

3. Don’t Drop The Balloon

Make sure to be stocked up with balloons if you want to play this game because you do not want to run out to fetch them in midst of this game while the kids are enjoying this. Not only will this game be loved by the children but it will also serve as a visual delight for the people watching it.

Divide the group of children into 2 or 3 subgroups and make them stand in a straight line one behind another. Now place one balloon between the knees of the kid standing in front of each line. Start the music and ask the kid to turn behind and pass the balloon to the next one in the line.

All the kids have to pass the balloon without dropping it and taking any help of their hands. If the balloon drops it has to be started all over again. The group that finishes first will be the winner.

 Don’t Drop The Balloon

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4. Find The Match

This game will fill the party venue with peels of laughter as the kids will run around to find their match. Well! Not literally. Make paper cut outs of various shapes like square, circle, triangle, heart and many more.

If the group is large and you have to repeat the shapes make sure the pattern or the paper used is different that helps to distinguish them from one another. Now divide these shapes into two and cut them.

Find The Match

Give one part of the shape to each child and hide the other across the venue. Ask the children to hunt the respective half of the shape that has been given to them. The child who finds the second half of the shape before everyone else is the clear winner.