4 Fun And Cute 7th Birthday Ideas

Fun And Cute 7th Birthday Ideas

Fun And Cute 7th Birthday Ideas

7th birthdays are easy to plan and organize as there are so many ideas that you can use to create the perfect birthday for your child. Make use of the tips given below to make your child’s 7th birthday extra special.

Unique Ideas For 7th Birthday Party

1. Party Themes For A 7th Birthday

You can always go the traditional route and choose a truck or car birthday (use the Disney “Cars” movie theme for a slight twist on this one), or a princess or butterfly themed birthday.

For a more unusual birthday you can use the number ‘7’ as your guide. Seven is considered by many to be a lucky or magical number. So you can have a luck themed four-leaf clover or leprechaun birthday or an exciting Harry Potter themed birthday to celebrate your child’s 7th birthday.

You can also use Enid Blyton’s Faraway tree stories for inspiration when planning a magical themed birthday. Other options include a pirate birthday party like a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party, a fairy birthday party like a Tinkerbell birthday, etc.

Party Themes For A 7th Birthday

2. 7th Birthday Invitations And Favors

Online stores like Zazzle offer a plethora of 7th birthday invitations, favors, party sets and other paraphernalia. You can also find free birthday invitation templates at the Disney site and the family craft section of the ‘About’ site. If you choose to make your own party invites, all you need is some cardstock, marker pens, and tiny relief stickers that suit your theme (Disney offers some nice ones) to make a simple invitation.

Take a sheet of cardstock, fold it in half and then decorate all around the edges using the relief stickers. Kids love stickers, so you can slip in an unused strip of stickers as a small gift. Alternatively, you can also draw themed motifs around the card and then write out a cute and interesting little message in the card.

When it comes to favors Zazzle, Etsy, Cafepress and other online stores offer 7th birthday stickers, magnets, key chains and other items. You can make your own favors like bookmarks, beaded bracelets (for girls), and loot bags filled with homemade candy or cookies.

7th Birthday Invitations And Favors

3. Decorations For A 7th Birthday

It is possible to purchase all your decorations like 7th birthday themed balloons, ornaments, wall decals, banners and candles at online stores.  You can also make your own simple but cute decorations. For example, if your child wants to have a magical themed party, you can purchase a few packs of midnight blue and silver balloons, streamers and ribbons.

Other decorations you can use are large cut-outs of moons, stars, cauldrons and even friendly wizards. For the luck theme you’ll need lots of green and yellow decorations and cut-outs of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Similarly, you can create decorations for other themes by just changing the color scheme and making cut-outs to suit the theme.

 Decorations For A 7th Birthday

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4. 7th Birthday Games And Menu

Children love games like scavenger hunts, breaking Piñatas, follow the leader, Simon says, and other games. These games can be slightly modified to accommodate your chosen theme. For instance, if you want to organize a magical themed scavenger hunt, you can use pieces of cardboard shaped like cauldrons, wands, shooting stars, and broomsticks to hold your clues.

Use images instead of written clues to make it more interesting. A 7th birthday menu has to feature foods that are colorful enough to tempt your little guests. Colorful cakes, cookies, candy and health snacks with lots of colorful veggies and fruits would be perfect.

7th Birthday Games And Menu