Four Unique Wedding Invitations

Unique Wedding Invitations Wedding invitations are the first formal invitations which are sent to your wedding guests, inviting them to your wedding. Wedding invitation are the first medium of communication between you and your guests. The invitation should be such that it simply catches the attention of the guest and he or she just can’t ignore your invitation.

There shall be a personal touch to the wedding card which makes the guest feel special and he or she feels that the wedding cannot be missed. The wedding card shall give your guest a feel of the wedding that is, a wedding which be very lively and full of fun and enthusiasm.

People send wedding invitations to the guests but very few are able to get a unique wedding invitation. A unique invitation not only catches the reader or onlooker’s attention but is also able to convey the feeling of the wedding environment. There are a number of unique wedding invitation options that a person can opt for. Some of these are mentioned below.

Different Types Of Wedding Invitations

Note Book Page

Your wedding invitation can be similar to a note book page. It is a simple yet an innovative idea for sending wedding invitations. A person needs to get the wedding invitations printed on a page which is similar to that of a note book. The writing can be simple or stylish. You can give in the entire details of the wedding function in that page.

If an additional page is needed for more details, the same can be added. The wedding invitations can be sent out in envelopes or by tying them with a ribbon. This is a simple and not a very expensive medium of sending wedding invitations. Hence, you can definitely opt for this if you have a budget and you are not looking for something very elaborate.

Wedding Invitation In A Bottle

Wedding invitations can be sent out in bottles. You can get your wedding invitations printed and the same and be rolled and tied with a knot.

Wedding Invitation In A Bottle

This can be put in a bottle and sent out as invitations. If you are having a beach wedding you can fill the bottle with sand or shells to give your guests a feel of the wedding.

Vintage Wedding Card

The vintage dresses, clips, decorations etc. all being very much in fashion these days, you can try of a vintage wedding card. It can be a card which has a feel of the past. There can be ships or a time clock. You can very innovatively print your wedding invitation on such cards and send them to your guests.

Passport Wedding Card

You can get a wedding card printed in the form of a passport. In will contain all details of the bride and groom along with their pictures. The venue, date and time can be printed in the form of a visa on the passport type card. This is a very innovative idea and one must try it.

Passport Wedding Card

These are a few unique wedding invitations. It is not necessary to spend large sum of money or make a very elaborate one to get a unique wedding invitation. It is more important to use your brains and be creative. So you must think and you never know when you come up with a unique idea.