Four Unique Baby Shower Cakes

Neutral Baby Cake

Baby showers are a very latest and upcoming concept these days. Most of the couples who are expecting a baby anytime soon can organize a nice little baby shower. In a baby shower the couple receives various gifts for the baby soon to arrive and the parents. There are also various games which are organized by the couple to make the baby shower interesting and entertaining. Everything is planned in such a way so that the guests can connect and feel the arrival of the baby. It is basically a welcome party for the baby in advance.

These days these parties are done with respect to a theme which is followed for decorations, cakes, dress code etc. It is a very exciting, new and a young concept. Many couples are confused about the kind of cake that they should order for a baby shower. With the increasing creativity and upcoming new concept, not many of us need to worry about a baby shower cake. There are numerous options which a couple gets to choose from. Some of these options are mentioned below.

Unique Baby Shower Cakes

Cupcake Baby Shower Cakes

These days’ cupcake cakes are very much the upcoming and the latest form of cakes. In fact a person can say that these are one of the best forms of cakes. They are very easy to manage. They are neat and quite trouble free and easy to handle cakes. They can be presented neatly and properly.


They are an absolute no mess cakes. If you are tired of the one big cake then you shall opt for the cupcake cake. These can be made interesting by making them of different designs and styles. You can opt for cartoon figures or things which are needed for the new born babies etc.

Pink And Blue Cake

Pink and blue are two colors which are one of the most common combinations for a baby shower cake. The pink color is for a girl and the blue color is for a boy.

Pink And Blue Cake

So, for a couple who does not know whether they are expecting a girl or a boy can easily go for this option. You can have interesting baby designs done with this color.

Neutral Color Baby Shower Cake

Neutral Baby Cake

A neutral color includes a color cake which does not stand for a girl or a boy in specific but for a baby. You can use yellow as the sunshine of your life, or vibrant colors like orange, red etc. All these are colors which make you feel nice and bright. The same is the effect of a baby in your life.

Message Cake

Message Cake

You can have a cake which has short and sweet one line messages or quotes about parenthood and baby. This is an interesting and new concept. It is innovative and for all those people who want to put an extra effort and also want to try something new.

These are a few cakes which you can have for a baby shower. These are interesting ideas. You can also cask the baker to do a few things that you want and also make some changes. You shall make every effort in the smallest things to make your baby shower special.