Four Pink And Green Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Theme Ideas Weddings are a very special occasion in a human beings life. It means a lot to both the bride and groom and their respective families. Weddings are not only a relationship between two people but also a new relation between two families. People always want to do something new and creative for a wedding in the family.

People are always looking for themes, colors and various other ways how they can try and do something special for the wedding functions. These days a number of people are opting for a color theme wedding. When we talk about a color theme we can recall a number of colors which are very good for wedding themes. One such color combination is of pink and green. Both these colors are very appealing and complement each other very well.

Pink and green are very soothing and appealing colors and make a great combination. A person can use these two colors in various different ways for a theme. A number of ideas can come to your mind using the pink and green color. Some of these theme ideas using the pink and green colors are mentioned below.

Various Wedding Theme Ideas

Pink And Green Balloons

You can make small clusters of pink and green balloons. You can use about three to four balloons in one such cluster. These look really sweet for a wedding decoration. If you wish to keep the decoration simple then try out these decorations with balloons.

Pink And Green Balloons

You can have a few balloons left on the ground. Ask your wedding decorator to put the balloons in such a way that they do not look untidy. Pink and green colors are appealing and look good as a combination so, utilize theme well for a theme.


The wedding invitation cards are the first formal message for a wedding to the guests. It is a wedding card which gives the guests an idea of how the wedding is going to be. Try and do your wedding card in pink and green.

It will look pretty and elegant. It will also give the guests an idea about the upcoming wedding theme. So, try to make it the best. Pick up a nice wedding card suiting the theme well.

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You can utilize the curtains used for decoration for the color theme. Pink and green curtains will make the venue look bright and vibrant color curtains to decorate the wedding reception venue.

Pink And Green Curtains

It will make the venue look lively and different too. The colors used will make a huge difference in the look of the venue.

Small Lamps

These days’ fancy lamps are available in the market for decoration purposes. You can pick the ones which have green and pink light and put them in a certain area. They are available in various sizes and colors. Do not use too many of them, just the right number will do the job. These are a few ideas for a pink and green theme.

You need to remember that both these colors are very pretty to look at. So, utmost care shall be taken in planning the themes so that you can take the maximum benefit of these two colors. Keep the ideas simple and easy so, that you do not end up overdoing and spoiling the look of the theme.